Newt Gingrich’s Daughter: He Will Likely Run for President

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 27, 2010   |   5:35PM   |   Washington, DC

The daughter of former House Speaker New Gingrich says her father appears likely to announce he will seek the Republican nomination for president sometime early next year.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman tells Human Events Gingrich is more intent than ever on waging a potential presidential campaign that political observers thought he might run in 2008. She also talked about why Gingrich appears to be leaning in that direction.

“He’s very serious. He’s much more serious than he ever has been. And I can tell that because we actually sat down —  just the two of us — for two hours recently. And I don’t think that’s happened since I had children.

I think he’s very concerned because when you get down to the core argument–  when you talk about taxes, when you talk about where we are — the fundamental difference is that conservatives believe that God gave people rights and we loan them to the government. They believe, as Calvin Coolidge did, that it’s the people money, and the government is supposed to spend it as wisely as possible.

If you look at the language of President Obama and his administration, they really believe that it’s the government’s money. They really believe that they can solve all those problems from Washington. That is a huge, fundamental difference. As a country we have to come to grips with, it’s not just partisan politics. It’s not just an arguing about tax cuts. We have a fundamental disconnect about how this country should operate.”

Cushman said any potential decision would come in February or March.

Her comments come after Gingrich told Fox News Sunday he sees the potential for winning the nomination and a general election contest against Obama.

“We’re much more inclined to run than not run,” Gingrich said. “Everything we’ve done over the last year, talking to friends, thinking things through, has made us more inclined to believe that it’s doable.”

During that interview he named Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee as the two front-runners in terms of the polling data and called former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin “a phenomenon in her own right.”

A recent poll examining the Republicans looking to take on Obama showed Romney and Huckabee, the former leaders of Massachusetts and Arkansas who ran in 2008 as pro-life candidates, leading the poll with 18 percent each to 17 percent for Palin. Gingrich received 10 percent in the poll to come in fourth place.