Windows of Pro-Life Leader’s Vandalized Home Get Replaced

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 22, 2010   |   1:27PM   |   Chicago, IL

A Christian company has generously offered to replace the windows at no cost of a national pro-life leader whose house was vandalized by abortion advocates recently.

Earlier this month, Joe Scheidler’s home was attacked in the middle of the night, at approximately 2:00 a.m., with an abortion advocate throwing bricks of asphalt through two front windows. One of them contained a threatening note making it clear the source of the vandalism supports legalized abortions.

In the wake of the pro-abortion violence, a Cincinnati window company has offered to replace the damaged windows at the home of the Pro-Life Action League founder.

“I have to admit it’s a little unsettling,” Scheidler said. “But I have never tried to hide where I live or keep my phone number a secret. I think you have to be accessible, even if that means some of your enemies might show up.”

After reading the story of the window vandalism online, Mike Gilkey, owner of Gilkey Windows in Cincinnati and passionate pro-lifer, wanted to do something to help the Scheidlers.

“I was speechless when I got a call from Mr. Gilkey’s office offering to replace our windows,” said Ann Scheidler, vice president of the pro-life group. “And it’s not just the broken windows — he’s going to replace all the windows in the living room and dining room. This is unbelievably generous.”

Joe Scheidler had met the Gilkeys more than 20 years ago while giving a speech in Cincinnati. Gilkey Window Company has a showroom in Chicago Ridge, and the company has recently expanded into the market of replacement windows in school buildings, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs and create a healthy and green environment.

“We are so grateful to the Gilkey family and company,” said Joe Scheidler. “I hope any pro-lifer who needs new windows or doors will turn to Gilkey. In fact they can come over to my house and see my new windows. After all, we’re in the book.”

The note the abortion advocates left with bricks read: “We are crazy feminist bi***** who will destroy your sexist ideas.P.S. I’ve had an abortion and no laws could ever stop me,” the note continued. “You can’t make Queen Anne’s lace illegal, a******.”

Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, praised his longtime friend in an email to and urged the Obama administration to investigate the attack in the same way it has assertively looked into incidents at abortion facilities and the shooting death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

Newman is concerned about the rising levels of violence against pro-life advocates, as this attack on Scheidlers’ home comes after multiple other incidents of vandalism and after pro-life protester Jim Pouillon was shot and killed outside a local high school in Owosso, Michigan because his killer Harlan Drake didn’t like him using graphic pictures of babies victimized by abortions.

“Joe and Ann Scheidler are pioneers in the pro-life movement whose knowledge and experience has benefited everyone who has ever taken a stand for the lives of the pre-born,” said Newman.  “Please join Operation Rescue in sending a special Christmas gift to the Scheidler’s today as a show of support and to help defray the cost of repairing the damage to their home.”

Cards and letters can be sent to:  Joe and Ann Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League, 6160 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago, IL 60646.