Pro-Life House Must Focus on Stopping Abortion Funding

National   |   Maura Butler   |   Dec 10, 2010   |   1:40PM   |   Washington, DC

The election is over – thank goodness – and now it’s time to pass some pro-life laws.

Polling data can be presented supporting all sorts of viewpoints.  Results can be skewed depending on how a question is worded. Even though opinions may differ across the abortion spectrum, one thing is clear:  Americans don’t want their tax dollars used to pay for abortions. 

A December 2009 Quinnipiac survey found that 72% of Americans opposed funding abortions  through any federally run health plan.  The American people backed up that poll making their voices heard loud and clear on election day 2010.

The American people overwhelmingly elected pro-life legislators from all over the country. Of the eighty-seven new GOP members in the House, eighty of them are pro-life.  And there was a seventy percent increase of pro-life women in the House from ten to seventeen. 

Many self-proclaimed pro-life Democrats lost their seats to pro-life Republicans, in part because of their votes for abortion funding through Obamacare. A notable exception is Representative Dan Lipinski from Illinois who stepped out of the Stupak coalition, kept his integrity, and voted against Obamacare specifically because of the included abortion funding.  Surprise, surprise – he was reelected.

Keeping in line with his pro-life hero status, Lipinski, along with another pro-life stalwart, Chris Smith (R-NJ), has introduced H.R. 5939, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” This bill will establish a consistent government-wide prohibition on federal funding for abortions.  Not only will this bill repeal the pro-abortion portions of the health care bill, it will make the Hyde amendment, the Hyde-Weldon conscience protection clause, and other pro-life amendments permanent federal law.  (Tell your Member of Congress to support this bill by clicking here .)

Representative Mike Pence (R-IN) plans to introduce a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion provider in the country.   In fiscal year 2008, this billion dollar business received $350 million  from the federal government.  Even though they claim the money is not spent on abortions, it is spent on all their other pet projects freeing up donor money for abortions. 

For bills like this, the time is now.  Speaker-elect Boehner has given his word to work toward actual votes on pro-life legislation.  As responsible citizens, we need to make sure our newly elected pro-life leaders make good on their promise and commitment to the unborn.  One way to make your voice heard is to sign the “Stop Abortion Funding” petition  and encourage Congress to pass legislation prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion.

Yes, there are economic priorities, but our elected officials should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.  With a pro-life majority in the House, pro-life legislation must be a priority.