Practitioner Who Killed Woman in Botched Abortion Wins Early Release

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 8, 2010   |   6:23PM   |   Hyannis, MA

Massachusetts-based abortion practitioner Rapin Osathanondh, who received six months in prison after pleading guilty to the charge of manslaughter in relation to his killing 22-year-old Laura Smith in a failed abortion, has won an early release.

Smith died in September 2007 at his Women’s Health Center abortion business after Osathanondh failed to provide proper medical care after the abortion went awry.

Court Judge Gary Nickerson sentenced Osathanondh to two years in prison but the plea bargain took that down to six months and the abortion practitioner was eligible under the sentence for parole in three months. He appears to have secured that.

Eileen Smith, who helped bring Osathanondh to justice for killing her daughter, told the pro-life organization Operation Rescue that Osathanondh has won a motion for early release from jail today after serving only half of his sentence. Smith says Osathanondh will be fitted with a monitoring device and released today to serve out the remainder of his sentence in home confinement at his plush luxury home on Cape Cod. She said:

Rapin Osathanondh was granted a “revise and revoke” motion on his sentence today by the same Judge who originally gave him the “light” sentence.” Once again the man who killed my daughter receives mercy while our daughter and family receive none.

He will leave jail as soon as they get the bracelet on him for his “million dollar home” confinement. Even though the Parole Board recently denied his parole because they said he was NOT remorseful for what he did, and he was the most “arrogant and callous person to ever ask for parole in their experience serving on the parole board”, the Judge disregarded the parole board’s comments and decision and granted him freedom to go home. Where is my daughter’s freedom to go home, Judge?

Troy Newman, the president of the pro-life group, also condemned the early release.

Today’s decision to release Laura’s killer was just plain wrong. We are very upset that Osathanondh was allowed to be released from jail early against the recommendation of the parole board. A three month incarceration for depriving a woman of her life trivializes her humanity and diminishes the human dignity of all women. As long as abortionist quacks who maim and butcher unsuspecting women and kill their innocent babies are slapped on the wrist and sent home, we can only expect their arrogant, “above the law” attitudes to persist and the body count of dead abortion patients to rise.

Osathanondh, who had faced a maximum of 20 years in prison, also received three years probation. The abortion “doctor” will not be able to practice or teach medicine, under the terms of the agreement. He surrendered his medical license and closed both of his abortion offices.

With Smith’s adoptive parents watching the proceedings, Osathanondh pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter following an agreement between Cape and Islands First Assistant District Attorney Brian Glenny and the abortion practitioner’s attorneys.

The plea followed several hours of negotiating back and forth between Glenny, who reportedly spoke with Smith’s parents during the exchanges. Defense attorneys Paul Cirel and Serina Barkley of Boston worked with Osathanondh

The agreement allowed the abortion practitioner 24 hours to make arrangements to settle the civil lawsuit Smith’s parents filed against him. Osathanondh agreed to pay the family $2 million as a punitive measure.