Connecticut Group: NARAL Lying About Pro-Life Protestors

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 7, 2010   |   2:52PM   |   Hartford, CT

The Family Institute of Connecticut, a pro-life group, is accusing the state chapter of the pro-abortion organization NARAL of lying about the pro-life protestors who recently participated in the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign.

To hear NARAL tell it, some of the women seeking abortions at one Hartford abortion facility reportedly were “harassed” by the pro-life advocates, according to an email the pro-abortion group sent its supporters. That typically means they received helpful information from sidewalk counselors who are trained to present real alternatives to abortion.

In an email to FIC supporters that obtained and that has made the Hartford Courant newspaper, the pro-life group says NARAL is misleading Connecticut residents:

Remember the 13 babies that FIC helped the 40 Days for Life Campaign save in October? Connecticut’s pro-abortion movement does–and they are furious about the loss of business for Hartford’s abortion clinic! NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut sent this message to its members yesterday:

At Hartford GYN, a reproductive health clinic in Hartford’s south side, clients are being harassed as they seek health-care services. On the days that Hartford GYN provides abortion care, protestors block walkways and follow patients to and from the building, all the while spewing anti-choice rhetoric and causing fear…Once a woman has made her decision, why should she be berated on her way to get a legal, safe procedure at a reproductive health-care facility?

We know this is a lie. The 40 Days volunteers were peaceful, prayerful and spoke the truth in love. And some women approaching the abortuary have not made up their minds yet–that is where our success stories come from!

NARAL’s e-mail goes on about a “buffer zone” law that was passed in other states–a law that prevents pro-lifers from approaching women near the abortion clinic:

It is just this sort of protection that clients in Hartford could use to ensure access to Hartford GYN and their legal right to obtain an abortion. We will be working to secure a buffer zone in the coming year and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Make no mistake: This is about those thirteen babies. NARAL wants to make it harder to save children like them.

And FIC wants to save more–to save them all, in fact! We want a Connecticut where every unborn child is protected in law and welcomed in life.

We are very far from that goal. But it is a sign of how much progress we are making that NARAL must take the drastic step of trying to pass a law to take away our right to free speech.

The Family Institute of Connecticut will be there to stop them. We were the first to learn of NARAL’s plans and we have already alerted key pro-life allies.

The organization is currently raising money for additional pro-life efforts.