Details Emerge on LeRoy Carhart’s Late Abortions in Maryland

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 1, 2010   |   7:49PM   |   Germantown, MD

LeRoy Carhart, the infamous partial-birth and late-term abortion practitioner, is starting work on Monday at an abortion center in Maryland — expanding the business to do late and late-term abortions.

Carhart is a hired gun of sorts at the abortion business in Germantown, Maryland and will be working there and not operating the abortion business as his own or in a partnership with someone else.

“Basically he is looking for work because he is broke and can’t kill post viable babies in Nebraska, so he is hoping to score some money in Maryland,” Troy Newman of Operation Rescue told this afternoon.

Newman says the National Abortion Federation “hates” Carhart and won’t refer women wanting abortions later in pregnancy to him. Instead, they tell women to travel across the country to Colorado to see Warren Hern or New Mexico to visit Curtis Boyd.

“Carhart has a long and troubled history within the abortion industry. The vicious feud between Vicky Saporta [the NAF president] and Carhart led NAF to stop referring abortion patients to Carthart’s abortion mill in Nebraska,” Newman explained. “This placed a huge financial burden on Carhart’s business and further strained his relationship with NAF.”

“Additionally, the Tiller family refused to talk to Carhart after George Tiller’s death. Carhart promised to re-open Tiller’s abortion mill, but the Tiller family went public with a press release distancing themselves from Carhart and denying that the clinic would ever reopen,” Newman added.

Although Carhart is quickly replacing the Tiller as the face of the hundreds of abortion practitioners who do abortions late in pregnancy, Newman says his observations lead him to believe he has been ostracized from the abortion industry.

“Even though Carhart seems to be the public face of the abortionist the inside story is that most, if not all, of his abortion colleagues think he is a bumbling hack that runs to the camera every chance he gets,” he told

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger, has been connecting the dots as well and noticed Carhart will not be opening an abortion business on his own as many pro-life observers thought he would do.

“But it turns out Carhart will not be opening a new mill in MD after all, which was one of his premises for soliciting funds in a September 30 letter to “supporter(s),'” she says. “In fact, it appears Carhart will simply function as a hired abortionist at an already existing mill, Germantown Reproductive Health Services. So unless Carhart has bought a piece of the action, he’s just another employee.”

She points to comments from Saporta to the Washington post saying “Carhart plans to begin working  on Monday” as validating that fact.

She also points out that Carhart “indicated to the Associated Press he wasn’t sure of the location” when “Carhart knew all along when he would begin his new job and where. He’s such a liar.”

Saporta said that Carhart will provide abortions “beginning at 6 weeks” and continuing “through the second trimester” — beyond the abortions earlier in pregnancy the center already does.

The pro-life and faith communities of Maryland have quickly responded to the news and have committed to respond with action to send Carhart back to Nebraska, where he fled to avoid a new state law banning abortions after 20 weeks.

Newman indicates a clergy luncheon featuring Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition will meet on Thursday to discuss strategy to oppose Carhart’s late-term abortions and activate the faith based community.

Then on Monday, the day Carhart has said he will begin late-term abortions in Maryland, there will be a press conference and two-hour prayer protest. This location is expected to be the site of numerous protests and efforts to offer practical help to abortion-bound women in the coming weeks.

“Carhart’s late-term abortion business is looked upon with revulsion by the majority of Americans. He is certainly not welcome in Maryland, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Kansas, or any other state,” Newman said. “But unless those who value each and every human life speak out, Carhart and people like him will continue ply their grisly trade with impunity.”