Pro-Life News: GOP Chair, Pregnancy Centers, Gianna Jessen, Ohio, Britain

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 29, 2010   |   8:48PM   |   Washington, DC

The following is a compilation of pro-life news briefs and updates:

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele Draws Another Challenger

Washington, DC — Republican party chairman Michael Steele who is pro-life but has come under fire for questionable spending and lackluster fundraising, has drawn another challenger in the race to run the RNC.

The battle for the chairmanshop is important because the chir will play a crucial role in raising the money and turning out the votes necessary to defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama in 2012.

Ann Wagner, the former head of the Missouri Republican Party and chairwoman of pro-life candidate Roy Blunt’s successful U.S. Senate campaign, announced Monday that she will seek the top post at the Republican National Committee. Wagner, who served as co-chair of the RNC between 2002 and 2005, had already filed paperwork to run for the post but made her intentions official in a video message to committee members.

Wagner’s promise to be “efficient, relevant, professional and credible” ahead of the 2012 presidential cycle is clearly aimed at RNC members frustrated with Steele’s handling the party.

Steele has come under criticism from pro-life advocates too for his tenure and for making questionable statements on abortion.
Southern Baptist Leader Talks Abortion With Pregnacy Center Staffers

Alpharetta, GA — More than 175 crisis pregnancy center executive directors and staff from 13 states — some having logged years in opposing abortion — attended “The Invitation Stands” National Pregnancy Center Conference at the North American Mission Board in Alpharetta, Ga.

After hearing Richard Land, Henry Blackaby and other speakers — as well as inspirational music by Rebecca St. James, Marvin Matthews and Dawn Pate — center directors said they were returning home recharged and ready to return to the 37-year struggle to protect innocent unborn life in America and lead women to Christ.

“Who would have ever believed or imagined that we would live to see a time in the United States when the most dangerous place an American’s ever been is in his or her mother’s womb between conception and birth,” said Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission since 1988.

“For the last 37 years — since Roe v. Wade — an American baby has had a one-third chance of being killed between conception and birth,” Land said. “That’s a 33 percent mortality rate. We didn’t have a 33 percent mortality rate at Iwo Jima, at Omaha Beach or at Gettysburg, even if you counted the deaths on both sides.” (SBC Baptist Press

Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen Continues Telling Her Story

Richmond, VA — Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen shared her incredible testimony and spoke out against abortion in an uplifting message to Liberty University students at Monday’s convocation.

Jessen weighed only two pounds when she was born at a Los Angeles abortion clinic after her 17-year-old biological mother chose to have a late-term saline abortion.

“My medical records, for the skeptics, literally say ‘born alive during saline abortion,’ “ Jessen said. “My birth certificate is signed by an abortionist — ha! The Lord of Hosts makes him sign my birth certificate just to acknowledge my life! That is the warrior heart of God.”

A lack of oxygen to her brain caused by the abortion gave Jessen what she sincerely refers to as “the gift of cerebral palsy.” She was placed with her foster mother, a woman she calls “the Queen,” at 17 months old. Doctors predicted that Jessen would never be able to hold up her own head or sit by herself, let alone walk. However, Jessen’s foster mother worked with her daily and Jessen was able to walk at three-and-a-half years old with the help of a walker and leg braces. (Liberty University


British Residents Should Beware a New “Independent” Commission on Dying
by John Smeaton

London, England — Anyone concerned about the real threat of dying as a result of euthanasia in Britain should read Peter Saunders’s informative post about a new “independent” commission on assisted dying. (Peter is pictured right.) He writes:

“The fact that an ‘independent’ commission on ‘assisted dying’ is to be chaired by a peer who just last year tried to relax the law on assisted suicide, is being funded by a celebrity novelist who is passionately pushing for a change in the law and was dreamt up by a leading campaign group will certainly raise eyebrows.”

The truth is that euthanasia threatens all of us in Britain.
The Mental Capacity Act, in certain circumstances, requires doctors to abandon their patients. There is a policy of silent euthanasia, not least through the Liverpool Care Pathway, as leading doctors have warned. Disabled people are increasingly worried by extreme proposals being put forward by pro-euthanasia legislators.

Dame Mary Warnock, the anti-life philosopher in the House of Lords, argues that certain people with disabling conditions have a duty to die prematurely.  (She has said: “If you’re demented, you’re wasting people’s lives – your family’s lives – and you’re wasting the resources of the National Health Service.”)

The Director of Public Prosecutions has published a prosecuting policy which effectively decriminalises assisted suicide in a wide range of circumstances. We have celebrity-led campaigns in favour of assisted suicide which get significant media coverage. We have high profile court cases which fill the airwaves and serious mainstream newspapers, like the Daily Telegraph, with anti-life propaganda.

You might want to bookmark Peter Saunders’s post for future reference. We can fully expect the media, like the Daily Telegraph, to weigh behind the “independent” commission at its launch next Tuesday and when its conclusions are published in a report next October (2011).

Ohio Right to Life Loses former President, Legislative Counsel Mark Lally
by Mike Gonidakis

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we announce the passing of our colleague and friend Mark Lally.  We will miss his leadership, compassion and his love for life. 

Mark’s death was not sudden.  For over two years he battled lung cancer.  Yet, he told only two of us of his condition as he wanted to be known as just “Mark.” 

Mark’s service to Ohio Right to Life spanned over twenty-five years and he leaves behind a legacy of passion and integrity.  From volunteering, serving as the President of our organization and to working as our legislative counsel, Mark single-handedly saved lives through his legislative advocacy at the Ohio Statehouse and the US Congress. 

There can be no doubt that Mark’s first and everlasting love was for the unborn which he mag­nificently advocated for over the years.  Mark was blessed with a gentle and kindly nature, but make no mistake, he also possessed a powerful will which drove him to serve God through his work at Ohio Right to Life. 

Mark indeed lived his life wonderfully.  Mark was well-respected and well-loved as he had done so many things for others without seeking or expecting recognition.  We will forever be grateful that Mark was there at the right place and at the right time to save lives. 

While many have come and gone at Ohio Right to Life, Mark always served as the pro-life constant.  He was our leader, our advocate and friend.  He taught me that life is short, and the most important part of life is the people in it.  I will be grateful for his teachings forever.

Mark, we love you and we will miss you.  You have graced our lives more than you will ever know and established a legacy of life which will be passed on for decades to come. Mark’s life was fulfilled by his selfless dream of putting others first and seeking justice. He will be forever missed, forever remembered, and his legacy will live on in our lives and deeds. 

Mark is in heaven now and now is the time to celebrate his life and the countless lives he saved.  Let us never forget the life Mark lived.  He never wanted to see injustice. He wanted all people to be treated equally – born and unborn. Mark, we rejoice knowing that you will now enjoy eternal life and happiness with our Lord.