Pro-Life Advocates Bury Babies Found in Maryland Abortion Center Raid

State   |   Angela Martin   |   Nov 25, 2010   |   2:59PM   |   Elkton, MD

In response to an abortion facility raid which yielded thirty-five bodies of abortion children, pro-lifers in Cecil County seek to bring dignity to their short lives.   
The unborn children were buried in a funeral ceremony at the Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Cherry Hill, Cecil County. 
Reverend Joe Piekarski of Immaculate Conception Parish worked with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to have the bodies released to the church for a proper burial.  Each unborn child was individually named by the church.
Only one of the unborn children’s body was claimed by family.  The rest were buried.  Eleven of the unborn children were issued fetal death certificates by the state medical examiner’s office. According to Maryland law, this indicates that these eleven were 20 weeks or older.  Intial reports claimed at least one of the children was 36 weeks, or a complete nine months.
Max Hellstern, Sr., of Elkton aptly pointed out, “This is the end result of what our senators and representatives have voted for.” The Cecil Whig had already interviewed Maryland Right to Life’s Director of Legislation about how Maryland’s permissive abortion law has contributed to tragedies like this.
Ed Cole, another Elkton resident and member of the Immaculate Conception Parish, sadly recognized, “Thirty-four children is an entire kindergarten class. And these children come from just a five-week period, just imagine how many untold more there are from the prior six months.”
Cecil County Right to Life member Mary De Voe who attended the funeral was moved to tears.  She remarked, “The ceremony expressed the dignity of these human beings and the horror that they were taken from us…That is our country being buried.”
The funeral was attended by about 30 people, included members of several churches  and active members of Maryland Right to Life’s Cecil County Chapter — Cecil County Right to Life.