Hey Massachusetts Republicans: Pro-Life Candidates Did Well

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 23, 2010   |   5:37PM   |   Boston, MA

If any state is one where Republicans have historically shied away from pro-life issues, it’s Massachusetts — one of the bluest of the blue states nationwide.

Massachusetts is where Republicans like William Weld have ditched any interest in pro-life issues and where pro-life advocates have to be content with someone like Sen. Scott Brown, who supports abortion but also modest limits on abortions and abortion funding.

And, if you take his word at face value, likely return presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former governor, downplayed his own pro-life values when running for the Senate in the 1990s and for governor. He returned to those values as a presidential candidate in 2008, though some skeptics say he did so because he had to campaign in the rest of the country where the pro-life perspective is more readily accepted.

But, in a letter to Jennifer Nassour, Chairman of the Republican State Committee, Anne Fox, the president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, says pro-life candidates fared well in the November elections and they deserve more attention in the future. Her letter makes it appear the tide may be turning somewhat in favor of pro-life candidates in the Bay State.

Along with the rest of the state, we at Massachusetts Citizens for Life have been looking at the election results.  There are a couple of important facts to which we would like to draw your attention.

Most of the newly elected State Representatives in Massachusetts are pro-life.  We are delighted by this outcome.

In addition, the huge Republican sweep across the country was accomplished by pro-life candidates.  The Republican wins in Massachusetts were almost entirely reserved to those candidates who are willing to defend human life.

Looking at the data, it seems obvious that the lack of “surge” in Massachusetts is attributable to the fact that the statewide candidates were led by a man who described himself as “To the left of Obama on social issues” and were coached by professional consultants who told them to steer clear of anything that sounded pro-life. That was bad advice.

For many election cycles now, Republicans have been winning nationally running with pro-life positions.  The Republican win of note over that time in Massachusetts is Scott Brown.  Senator Brown took pro-life positions on the legislative issues facing the U S Senate.  The factor which propelled him to victory was his promise to be the “41st vote” against pro-abortion, pro-rationing Obamacare.  He was also helped by Martha Coakley’s “Shannon
O’Brien moment” when Ms. Coakley said that pro-life people should not be allowed to work in emergency rooms.

Keep in mind, as of 10/13/2010 the number of registered Republicans in MA has dropped to a new low of 474,798 voters, representing a mere 11.33% of all voters.  If the MA GOP Leadership wants the State Republican Party to remain relevant, they must reconsider their advocacy of candidates who are “left of Obama” and adopt true Republican Principles. 

We respectfully suggest that in reviewing your statewide loses, you learn from the local successful legislative races and listen to those newly elected who embraced the value of life.  In setting a course for the future, the leadership of the MA State GOP should embrace, and not abandon, the core principle on which it was founded – the defense of  Life.

We would respectfully suggest that leaders of the party in this state meet with successful national Republicans to understand better the role of life issues.  Of course, we would be happy to meet with you locally as well.

No word yet on whether Nassour has responded to the pro-life group.