Michigan Center Closing Where Alberto Hodari Forced Teen’s Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 17, 2010   |   2:54PM   |   Washington, DC

The Michigan abortion center where embattled abortion practitioner Alberto Hodari forced a teenager to have an abortion against her will is closing.

Womancare of Downriver in Southgate is owned and operated by Hodari and the pro-life group Operation Rescue informs LifeNews.com it is in escrow to a physician whose practice does not include abortions.

Thus, once escrow closes, so will the abortion business.

“All of Hodari’s six Detroit area abortion clinics were put up for sale last year. Hodari appeared to be liquidating his assets so he could leave the country after repeated complaints, fines, and lawsuits have recently overwhelmed him,” says Cheryl Sullenger of the pro-life organization.

One of the people who is happy about the closing is Jennifer McCoy.

“That clinic will never do another abortion again,” she said.

She’s happy it has closed because she filed a complaint against Hodari saying she went to his abortion center for what she believed was a routine pre-natal check up for a wanted pregnancy when she was subjected to an abortion against her will. https://www.lifenews.com/2010/05/25/state-5120/

That McCoy was pregnant by a 40-year old high school teacher was also never reported to authorities as required by law for potential sexual abuse cases.

The closures continue a national trend of decreasing numbers of abortion centers and Operation Rescue conducted extensive research and documented that over two-thirds of America’s abortion clinics have closed since 1991, when there were over 2,100 clinics nationwide.

Sullenger says that when OR released its listing of all surgical abortion centers in the United States, there were 713.

“Today, counting the Southgate mill, which will soon close, there are only 694,” said Sullenger. “That great news for women and their pre-born babies.”

“Government funding continues to artificially prop up a failing abortion industry. Without tax-funding, more of these clinics would fold,” said Sullenger. “Until we can encode legal protections for the pre-born, we must work to expose and defund the abortion industry. Closing clinics is a proven way to reduce abortions and save lives.”

Twenty abortion clinics have closed in the past 11 months at a rate of nearly 2 per month.

Hodari has already been disciplined for abuses at his abortion centers.

He was placed on probation last February for illegally dumping medical records and, last March, was fined $10,000 for his part in the death of Regina Johnson.

Hodari has been involved in at least three additional abortion deaths.

Tamia Russell was only 15 years old in January of 2004 when her 26 year old boyfriend paid Hodari $2,000 in cash to abort her baby at over 26 weeks gestation. She died less than 24 hours after obtaining an abortion at Womancare of Southfield/Lathrup Village.

Her guardian was unaware she was pregnant, and had no knowledge of the abortion – until it was too late.

Chivon Williams received a suction abortion by Hodari at an unknown clinic. An hour and forty minutes later, she was discharged even though she was complaining of pain in her stomach and chest. Soon after she arrived at her home, she “became unresponsive.” At 5:17, on the same day as the abortion, she was pronounced dead.

In November, Hodari put his abortion facilities up for sale along with his collection of expensive classic cars and hastily filed for divorce from his wife of 29 years. Local pro-life advocates are concerned he is attempting to flee the country to return to his native Argentina.