Democrats for Life Takes Big Shots From Pro-Life Leaders

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 17, 2010   |   1:57PM   |   Washington, DC

Jill Stanek, the pro-life blogger and famed nurse who exposed the brutal practice of live birth abortions at her Chicago-area hospital, is taking the biggest shot yet at Democrats for Life of America over abortion and health care.

DFLA has spurned the rest of the pro-life movement by going it aloneover the passage of ObamaCare and calling pro-life advocates liars and supporters of violence because their legal analysis shows the new law doesn’t contain provisions to adequately stop abortion funding.

The formerly respected pro-life Democrats group has come under fire for its erroneous analysis of the ObamaCare bill and for its attacks that went as far as siding with a congressman in his elections complaint against the pro-life group Susan B Anthony List that could result in fines or jail time.

Stanek has written a new opinion column at WorldNetDailygoing further than any pro-life leader or group has in that she says Democrats for Life should specifically be excluded from key pro-life gatherings and meetings until it has a change in leadership.

“The rift that developed during the 2010 election cycle between Democrats for Life and basically the rest of the pro-life movement is irreparable, at least as long as Kristen Day remains its executive director,” she writes. “Day became incensed when pro-life groups fulfilled their promise to target House pro-life Democrats for electoral defeat who voted for Obamacare sans the Stupak Amendment.”

Stanek says the position DFLA took under Day’s helm is the opposite of the one that emails she and obtainedshowing Day and DFLA originally acknowledging that the Senate bill that became the final version of the ObamaCare law contains taxpayer financing of abortions.

“Day underwent an astounding change of opinion following Obamacare’s passage, surely in large part due to her belief that President Obama’s executive order closed any and all abortion loopholes in the bill (which it did not – read NRLC’s thorough analysis),” Stanek writes. “Incredibly, the Democrats for Life website now hails Obamacare as ‘the most pro-life legislation of the last two years.'”

Stanek criticizes Day for “publicly bashing other pro-life groups” and making wild-eyed claims that “their motive was not as stated but rather to function as covert operatives for the Republican Party”

Stanek says Day went too far when she included a private statement made by Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee in the affidavit DFLA filed supporting the efforts to jail or fine leaders of the Susan B. Anthony List.

Johnson told that Day did not get the story straight in what she included in the affidavit.

“It would have been bad enough if Day had quoted something I had actually said at an off-the-record strategy meeting.  But in fact, the statement she attributed to me, in her sworn affidavit, was a gross distortion, and indeed absurd given the purpose of the meeting and the entire context of what NRLC and I were doing at the time,” he noted.

And while Driehaus eventually dropped his effortsto target the pro-life group, Stanek says Day persists and is apparently willing to allow private email and other communications to wind up in the hands of abortion advocates.

“The issue of Kristen Day’s betrayal of pro-life groups and confidences – erroneous or true – remains on the table and is insurmountable,” Stanek said. “The liberal activist Democrat lawyers who represented Driehaus in his complaint would have liked nothing better than to use his case to get to the internal communications of other national pro-life organizations. Day has publicly anticipated the prospect of these being made public, which is to say, given over to our political opponents and to the mainstream media.”

Ultimately, Stanek says the betrayal of the pro-life movement by DFLA and by Day specifically should result in kicking the pro-life Democratic group out of any public or private coalition efforts to protect those pro-life groups involved from having their private communications exposed to the public.

“Kristen Day should never again be allowed to attend any internal pro-life meeting. Prudence would also dictate that pro-lifers think carefully before communicating with her,” she concludes. “Democrats for Life should be banned from inclusion in the pro-life circle until Day is gone and the group demonstrates it is worthy of trust again.”

Stanek’s opinion could be dismissed if she were alone in her thinking but her views are echoed by a multitude of pro-life groups and leaders, including Jason Jones, who received praise for his involvement with the Bella movie and who now heads the pro-life group Whole Life.

“As president of HERO’s Whole Life America, I warned Democrats for Life of America that its deceptive “Whole Life Heroes” PAC was the kiss of death. While the DFLA attempted to use our nameand confuse voters by urging the re-election of Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-MI) Obamacare collaborators – instead it united pro-lifers and whole-lifer,” he said in a column he sent

“During campaign 2010, DFLA’s executive director Kristen Day accused pro-lifers of lying about the threats to life in Obamacare. Now, two weeks after widespread Democrat defeats and pro-life elections, Ms. Day remains silent,” he added.

Jones says the very nature of ObamaCare is something a pro-life and Deocratic group should have opposed.

“And with her support of Obamacare, Kristen Day, a proclaimed Catholic, betrayed the faith. After all, Obamacare imposes collectivism, it funds the abortion industry, it establishes government death panels, and it will severely fine the poor – the very persons who can’t afford insurance,” he writes.

He conlcudes: “No matter which way we look at it, the Democrats for Life PAC was a kiss of death. Will DFLA continue the tragedy? Or will the organization join us in the great campaign for human dignity?”