Michigan Senate OKs Bills After Dumping of Aborted Babies

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 12, 2010   |   5:52PM   |   Lansing, MI

The Michigan legislature has taken the first step in responding to the dumping of the bodies of babies killed in abortions at abortion centers in the state.

Michigan people were shocked and saddened to learn that bodies of 17 aborted babies were found thrown into a dumpster at a Lansing-area abortion business. The news received public attention last month after announcements from investigations by the Attorney General and county sheriff departments.

“The news created more interest in a package of bills in the Michigan legislature that would require that the remains of aborted or miscarried children to be disposed of in a dignified manner,” Right to Life of Michigan indicated.

“The bills also change our health code so that fetal remains will no longer be classified as ‘products of conception,’ along with the placenta and umbilical cord,” the pro-life group explains.

The Michigan state Senate approved the package of bills on a 30-8 vote on Wednesday, but the state House will not have time to take up the legislation before this session of the state legislature ends.

The bills will be “promptly” introduced in January, RLM says, when legislators reconvene for the next session.

“When the discovery was made known to Right to Life of Michigan, we offered advice as to current Michigan laws and processes for engaging law enforcement officials regarding a necessary investigation,” said RLM legislative director Ed Rivet.

He continued: “We are appreciative that the sheriffs of Eaton and Saginaw counties, along with the state Attorney General and Eaton County prosecutor took this case seriously and conducted a thorough investigation. The fact that human remains and medical records were callously and carelessly tossed in the trash calls for something to be done.”

Rivet said, “[C]learly Michigan laws need to be updated so that the horrible practice of dumping the bodies of aborted babies into trash cans is not allowed to continue.”

Rep. Rick Jones, a Republican from Grand Ledge spearheaded the legislative effort and held a joint press conference with pro-life groups following the announcement of the discovery of the bodies.

His bill requires abortion centers to bury or cremate aborted babies if the mother or parents request it. Violators of the bill would face felony charges and a maximum of three years in jail, or a fine of up to $5,000.

State Representatives Joe Haveman, Darwin Booher, and Bob Genetski led the charge for the package of bills to bring dignity and respect to the memory of  the unborn children victimized by the abortions. [related]

Members of the Citizens for Pro-Life Society organization discovered the allegedly illegal dumping of fetal remains in dumpsters outside the Womans Choice abortion clinics in Lansing and Saginaw.

They also found patient documents including the names of women who obtained abortions at the facilities and bloody instruments.