Pro-Life People Should Make Their Communities Unwelcome for Abortion

Opinion   |   Brad Mattes   |   Nov 12, 2010   |   4:41PM   |   Washington, DC

One of the nation’s late-term abortionists is on the run. Having worn out his welcome in Nebraska, LeRoy Carhart announced plans to take his grisly practice elsewhere.

Carhart says he’s trying to escape the “harassment” of legal courts, so he’s set his eye on Iowa, Indiana and the DC area.

Carhart’s problems began earlier this year when Nebraska banned abortions after 20 weeks, based on clear scientific evidence the baby feels pain. This had made his filthy old abortion mill less profitable. Though pro-abortion activists insist the new law is unconstitutional, they aren’t willing to risk a lawsuit. Suppose the case goes to the Supreme Court. Suppose they lose. Suppose not just Nebraska, but all 50 states ban late-term abortions. That’d put Carhart out of business.

And it is a business. Abortions—particularly late-term abortions—represent big money. Carhart’s dilapidated old facility charges upwards of $2,100 per procedure, and he’s not about to give up this “cash cow.” Carhart already proved he’ll stop at nothing—even brutal killing methods—to keep the money flowing.

Remember, he was the one who led the charge against the nation’s partial-birth abortion ban. Showing no hesitation, no emotion, he publicly described the horrific way he tore little babies apart limb-from-limb. Carhart is so desensitized to depravity, he actually expected the court and America to look the other way. Ultimately, public tide turned against the evil act, but there are other, still legal ways to kill a nearly full-term baby. And the procedure shunned by some abortionists, Carhart sees as a golden business opportunity.

Hoping to raise half-a-million dollars to kick-start the new venture, he assured investors their contributions “will have an awesome impact in the lives of women.” Having personally talked with some of the women he’s referring to, I cringe. I cringe, too, at the thought of what Carhart’s eyes have seen over the years and wonder if it keeps him awake at night.

I believe you and I have a duty to make our communities and states unwelcome to the abortion industry. Nebraska succeeded by passing the fetal pain law, and we hope many other states will follow. But while we pray for this to happen, let’s also pray for LeRoy Carhart. Pray that his eyes will be opened to the truth, that his hands will no longer be used to kill, that his heart will be changed.

Perhaps he too will join the ranks of other former abortionists now battling to save—not destroy—life. Note: Bradley Mattes is the executive director of Life Issues Institute, a national pro-life educational group. Mattes is a veteran of the pro-life cause, with over 33 years of educational, political and humanitarian experience.