British Woman Has Four Abortions in Three Years, Including Late-Term

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 10, 2010   |   6:37PM   |   Washington, DC

A 22-year-old British woman is featured in the Sun newspaper in England about her story of having four abortions in the span of the last three years, including one late-term abortion done at 22 weeks into pregnancy.

The interview takes place at an abortion center where Stacy Cutler watches the image of her viable late-term unborn child on an ultrasound monitor.

“Cutler listens to her 22-week-old unborn child’s heartbeat – and her eyes fill with tears,” the Sun reports. “The grainy scan shows the fully developed foetus moving around inside her. But Stacy’s tears are not of joy at seeing her baby for the first time. She has made the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion at this late stage.”

Repeat abortions have long been a problem in England, where thousands of women have had three or more.

Cutler says she had the abortions because she was not emotionally secure enough to have the baby and, despite the multitude of resources, not financially able to do so.

“It was certainly not an easy decision to abort four of my unborn children,” she told the newspaper. “But I realised that it would be unfair to bring those children in to the world when I barely had the money to look after my son.”

Cutler resorted to using abortion as a form of birth control even though she was on the pill each of the four times in which she became pregnant.

She is of the mindset many women who justify their abortions and abortion advocacy groups have about abortion being better than giving birth to a baby in less-than-stellar conditions.

“Women who choose to have an abortion are criticised and looked down on,” she told the Sun. “But it is far better than bringing a child into the world that you are unable to look after or afford. Obviously I’m not proud of what I have done and I know people will judge me. Abortion should be the decision of the woman who is having the baby – no one else.”

Josephine Quintavalle of the Prolife Alliance commented on Cutler’s story in her own comments to The Sun.

“Stacy’s story is horrifying and it is the reality of the abortion-on-demand state we are living in,” she explained. “As part of the ProLife Alliance, I am anti-abortion and her choice is just incomprehensible to me.”

The pro-life advocate said Cutler should have considered adoption and the abortion practitioner used an excuse for the abortion that essentially allowed it to be used as birth control.

“For a woman to choose to terminate a healthy baby that was nearly 22 weeks simply because she realised she didn’t want it is beyond belief. Babies can and have been known to live from 23 weeks. I cannot understand why she could not go full term and give the child up for adoption,” she added.

“The doctor clearly felt that it was in the interest of her mental health but, if that is the case, this should certainly be looked at more thoroughly,” she said.