Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Closes in Kansas, Three Left in State

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 8, 2010   |   1:15PM   |   Lawrence, KS

Planned Parenthood of Lawrence quietly closed its abortion facility nine weeks ago located near the University of Kansas, where it did abortions on college students attending the university.

With the closing, Kansas is now down to three abortion centers left in the state, which is good news for Kathy Ostrowski of Kansans for Life.

Like other abortion centers across the nation, Ostrowski said the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Lawrence put women’s health at risk in addition to ending the lives of unborn children.

“The Lawrence Planned Parenthood street-mall facility was not licensed or inspected by the state,” she said. “It provided contraceptives and chemical abortions with no doctor onsite.”

A notice posted on the door that KFL obtained a picture of attributes its closure to a “lack of need” and recommends the county and KU clinics as well as the Planned Parenthood clinic one-half-hour away.

The KFL legislative director says women with pregnancy needs and a potential interest in abortion have other options.

“Too many resident KU students went to this facility, instead of getting help from their family and connecting with sound pro-life physicians,” Ostrowski said. “We recommend pregnant women of any age consult the Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence, where they can obtain physician-reviewed ultrasounds and assistance for a variety of needs.”

With the Planned Parenthood center closing, the three abortion centers remaining include the Comprehensive Health of Overland Park, a Kansas/Mid Missouri Planned Parenthood where abortion practitioner Orrin Moore does late-term abortions and has been charged with dozens of counts of doing them outside of state guidelines and filing improper paperwork.

“This is the facility involved in 7 years of litigation to avoid the current 107 criminal charges they now face,” Ostrowski said. “Before Moore, their abortionist was Robert Crist, whom KFL discovered had a minimum of 20 malpractice suits over 16 years (including suits for 3 deaths of young aborted mothers).”

Crist now does abortions at a Planned Parenthood center in St. Louis and has been a “consultant” to the KU Med Center.

The Women’s Center for Health also does abortions in Overland Park and it is run by a father-daughter team, Herb Hodes and Traci Nauser.

“Hodes did contract abortions for Comprehensive Health before Crist, and had at least 22 malpractice suits up to 2003, unearthed by KFL,” Ostrowski said.

The existence of these lawsuits against Hodes –and those filed against Crist and other Kansas abortionists– was offered in support of the clinic licensing bill –that Sebelius vetoed in 2003 as “unneeded,” she explained.

The final abortion center is the Aid for Women, a Kansas City-based abortion business that does surgical & chemical abortions and is run by Ron Yeomans, who spends part of the week doing abortions in other states.

“Aid for Women is licensed under the KSBHA, with a long history of malpractice and medical disciplinary offenses by its past abortionists Malcolm Knarr, Sherman Zaremski, Kris Neuhaus, and Krishna Rajanna,” Ostrowski said. “Knarr was forced out of business in 1994, during a time when he was acquiring a malpractice suit every few months.  His partner Zaremski, recently took retirement after years of battling licensure penalties and restrictions.”

Neuhaus worked for this abortion business in the mid 1990s, during which time the KSBHA twice labeled her a “danger to the public.” [related]

“She is under active KSBHA prosecution to remove her limited medical license, with a scheduled hearing in January.  KSBHA is charging her with years of providing illegal late-term abortion referrals to the clinic of the late George Tiller,” Ostrowski said.