Investigation Finds Abortion Business Employes Rapist, Criminals

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 4, 2010   |   1:29PM   |   Voorhees, NJ

A pro-life organization has completed a new investigation of the American Women’s Services abortion business operated by embattled abortion practitioner Steven Chase Brigham in New Jersey.

The probe found it employs abortion practitioners who have criminal convictions and other problems in their backgrounds.

Brigham is the abortion practitioner and abortion facility owner who has already had his medical license suspended in New Jersey and other states because of numerous violations of health and safety standards.

Operation Rescue reviewed files associated with the abortion business that operates in four northeastern states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland.

Because Brigham faces so many problems, he has had to employ other abortion practitioners to do abortions and keep AWS open during Brigham’s medical license suspension. OR found they have shocking backgrounds that are so pervasive it believes the entire chain of abortion centers should be shut down.

“Brigham’s abortion business is a haven for the bottom of the barrel criminals and quacks masquerading as medical doctors, and that’s just the unvarnished truth,” Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told today. “We have reviewed hundreds of pages of disciplinary documents. Every medical misfit on the east coast that has run out of options seems to have found a welcome home in Brigham’s abortion organization.”

Abortion practitioners Brigham have employed include an admitted sex offender and drug abuser, two convicted drug violators, and a convicted income tax cheat who once paid out $3.5 million in a malpractice suit. Others include an abortion practitioner convicted of billing fraud, and several abortion practitioners who are unable to obtain hospital privileges so they can admit patients in cases when abortions are botched and women need immediate medical attention.

Abortion practitioner Vikram Hiralal Kaji continues to work for Brigham at his Voorhees and Woodbridge, New Jersey, abortion centers and he has no hospital privileges.

Kaji was convicted by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners in 1993 for having improper sexual contact with three patients.

After a lengthy relationship that involved improper sexual conduct, Kaji reportedly had sex without a condom with one young girl in the birthing center of his office during business hours, OR said. He knew his victim was vulnerable to his advances because she had been a depressed victim of child sex abuse with a history of psychiatric hospitalization. He later misprescribed drugs for her including Seconal and steroids. Kaji at first fought the charges, saying the sex was consensual, but later admitted that he had made an error in moral judgment.

David Reid Peters works for Brigham at his Virginia Beach, Virginia, location.

In 2001, he was charged by the Virginia Board of Medicine for prescribing drugs “outside of a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship, as required by law.”

He further “authorized the prescriptions without obtaining a medical or drug history, performing a comprehensive physical examination, providing information about the benefits and risks…and without initiating additional interventions and follow-up care.”

Brigham was suspended in New Jersey after a botched abortion led to the discovery of his illegal late-term abortion scheme that spanned two states.  All of Brigham’s abortion centers in Maryland have closed, at least temporarily, but he continues to operate abortion clinics in three other states. [related]

“We have a message for the authorities in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia: For the love of God, please close these abortion clinics,” said Newman. “As relieved as we were by the suspensions and clinic closures, the authorities really need to do more and close AWS down permanently.  What we discovered about Brigham’s current abortion staff was worse than we had imagined.”