Obama Loses His Pro-Abortion “Yes Men” in Congress

Opinion   |   Bill Saunders   |   Nov 3, 2010   |   5:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Though the dust is still settling on the last of the election results, the picture is clear.  Last night was a huge victory for Life on both the federal and state levels. 

Americans United for Life Action was pleased that pro-life candidates won in 11 of the 12 Districts it targeted in its Life Counts campaign.  The House of Representatives, like the American public, has a clear pro-life majority.

Under pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi’s watch as Speaker, pro-life legislation did not stand a chance in the House.  Rather, the abortion industry profited, literally, at the taxpayers’ expense. 

Now, however, the agenda of the House is no longer in the grips of Planned Parenthood.  Not only is there a pro-life majority in this chamber of Congress, the new Republican leadership has pledged to Americans that they will work for a comprehensive government ban on taxpayer-funded abortion. 

Though pro-life advances will not come in the form of signed federal legislation immediately, the brakes were put on President Obama’s radical pro-abortion agenda.  He no longer has a Congress of “yes” men (and women!) to fund his friends at Planned Parenthood.  His activist judges and Justices nominees should no longer receive a rubber stamp of approval.  An ineffective executive order will not be sufficient enticement to pass pro-abortion legislation. 

The picture in the states is even brighter.  At least 20 pro-life governors were elected.  13 of those were “pick-ups.”  The gains in state legislatures are also tremendous.  Since the majority of pro-life legislation happens at the state level, these election results are a real cause for celebration.  And with the election of several pro-life Attorneys General, there is the promise that abortion clinics will not be given a free pass to evade state laws. 

Florida’s Senator-elect Marco Rubio said rightly that the election results are not an embrace of the Republican Party, but an embrace of what the Party promised to be.  One of its promises is to be pro-life.  Across the country and at all levels of government, we witnessed an overwhelming response by the American people to that promise. 

Last night we saw that Life really counts.