40 Days for Life Campaign Ends With 541 Babies Spared From Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 1, 2010   |   4:17PM   |   Washington, DC

The number is a conservative estimate based on first-hand accounts of women the campaign has helped across the country, but organizers say they know of at least 541 babies spared from abortion thanks to the 40 Days for Life campaign.

The Fall campaign may have saved more lives, but organizer Shawn Carney is always ready to disclaimer his total because he knows unshared stories may results in lives saved that participants may never know.

“It’s Day 40 — and I have great news to share! As of right now, we know of 541 babies — and their mothers — that God has spared from abortion,” he emailed LifeNews.com on Sunday evening at the conclusion of the event.

“That’s at least 3,352 since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign a mere three years ago. And who knows how many more that we’ll never hear about.” he said.

The stories from across the nation clearly show the impact the 40 Days for Life campaign has had.

“The Everett Planned Parenthood is closed again,” wrote Ed, one of the local 40 Days for Life leaders in Everett, Washington. “It’s the third Friday closed
this campaign.”

In Columbia, Missouri … the Planned Parenthood facility there hasn’t done abortions since August 9, but 40 Days participants never let up.

But Stacey Anderson of Planned Parenthood of Montana told KAJ-18-TV she doesn’t think it is having much of an impact.

“In previous years, this campaign has failed to have the impact that its organizers hoped for,” Anderson claimed, though she provided no basis for her charges.

Anderson also claimed its “intimidation and harassment tactics have not stopped Planned Parenthood from providing health care services, and it has not drawn significant media attention.”

But Kathy in Columbia, Missouri told Carney that it is Planned Parenthood who is engaging in harassment.

“We found out that Planned Parenthood in Kansas is watching us on video — over 100 miles away and they called in a ‘violation’
to the Columbia police station,” she explained. The supposed violation was a camera tripod sitting in Planned Parenthood’s driveway.

“Soon two police cars showed up and they went in,” Kathy said.

The camera tripod belonged to a reporter who  was working on a news story. The police quickly left when they found out what was really taking place.

“One officer has come out twice — and he’s not too happy with Planned Parenthood,” Kathy added.

Carney says there have also been at least four abortion facility employees who have left their jobs during this 40 Days
for Life campaign — possibly more.

Back in Montana, Amy Seymour, president of Yellowstone Valley Christians for Life, said the campaign of prayer and practical help for women is a winning one. [related]

“We’ve been praying for an end to abortion and for wisdom and guidance for the women who come in here who need help, who are in a crisis pregnancy,” she said. “They don’t know what to do. They’re scared. We pray for them. We pray for the staff, and we pray for all of us who are touched by this culture of death.”