Only Abortion Practitioner in Wyoming Seeks County Coroner Position

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 29, 2010   |   3:54PM   |   Jackson Hole, WY

The only abortion practitioner in the state of Wyoming is seeking the officer of county coroner in Teton County, amid speculation he may be attempting to cover up irregularities at his abortion business.

Brent Blue, a Democratic contender in the general election, runs the Emerg-A-Care abortion business. Located in this liberal tourist town in the northwest corner of the state, it is the only abortion center in Wyoming.
That makes his Republican opponent, pro-life candidate Kiley Campbell, wonder why he is seeking the position and others wonder if he may be attempting to cover up potential problems in the abortion business in the way other abortion practitioners have done.
“For reasons not known by me, Dr. Blue really wants the Coroner’s Office and has uses bad-mouth tactics to try and win, twice with my father and now with me,” he told in an exclusive interview.
“As Dr. Blue is a practicing abortionist, I think it is most vile for him to seek the office that investigates the cause and manner of death when he himself is the cause of deaths among unborn babies,” Campbell said. “This is why my win is very important. I am, and have always been a pro-life person.”
Campbell appears to be imminently qualified for the position his father has held since 1991 before deciding to step down this year.
Teton County Coroner Bob Campbell decided to call it quits this summer when, as his son explained, he decided he didn’t want to endure the rigors of another election. The elder Campbell began his Coroner duties out of high school in 1966, saw a tour in Vietnam and eventually became Deputy Coroner in the 1980’s before his promotion to Coroner in 1991.
The younger Campbell learned the trade fro his father, received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and began a career with the Jackson Police Department as their Evidence Technician.
His experience in crime scene investigation and processing led him to continue his work in the coroner’s office, as current Deputy Coroner, and now he’s seeking the post of his father. Campbell won the primary against two other Republican candidates and now faces Blue.
Unlike the abortion practitioner, Campbell tells he is strongly pro-life.
“From conception, when God knits us together in our mother’s womb, we are all Blood-bought souls that need to be protected, especially by the
representatives of our government,” he said.
“Specifically, my pro-life views are without exception,” he continued. “In other words, there are no circumstances where murdering an unborn child is warranted; not even in the case of incest, rape or maternal demise.”
Blue has not responded to a request for comment for this story, but talked with one national pro-life leader who agrees Blue’s candidacy is a concern and should spark questions from Jackson Hole and other Wyoming residents about what he may be hiding.
Is he doing illegal late-term abortions beyond state limits? Is he hiding cases of botched abortions or abortion deaths? Those are some of the questions his candidacy sparked. The winner of the race will have the legal power to investigate those questions should circumstances warrant.
The WyWaych PAC, a statewide pro-family group, has promoted Campbell’s candidacy, telling its members, “He needs your support. We hope our members will vote for Mr. Campbell and spread the word of his excellent qualifications.”