Colorado Pro-Life Gov Candidate Tancredo Ties Hickenlooper

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 23, 2010   |   6:48PM   |   Denver, CO

Momentum is moving towards pro-life gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo as he takes on pro-abortion Denver mayor John Hickenlooper in the Colorado governor race.

Tancredo is running as a third party candidate because of the failing campaign of Republican Dan Maes, who has seen scandals and questions about his legitimacy make him the kind of also-ran third party candidates normally tend to be in elections.

Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies, a Colorado-based poling firm, has released the results of a new survey of 1,067 likely voters showing Tancredo surging.

The findings show the two in a statistical tie with Hickenlooper getting 44 percent, Tancredo 43 percent and Maes the support of just 9 percent.

The generic “other candidate” has 2%, and only 2% responded as undecided.

“Since our Colorado Governor survey on August 25th, support for Dan Maes has plummeted from 27% to 9%, a total of 18 points,” the firm notes. “It is clear the vast majority of former Dan Maes supporters are moving into the Tom Tancredo column.”

“Since our August survey, support for Tom Tancredo has increased from 17% to 43%, a total of 27 points. John Hickenlooper has not been able to reach the crucial 50% threshold, and has in fact dropped 2 points since our August survey, from 46% to 44%,” the firm continued.

The new results come after a Rasmussen poll showing Tancredo gaining and having him down just 42-38 percent to Hickenlooper.

This news also comes on the heels of new early voting data showing Republicans and Republican-leaning independents coming out to vote in force while Democrats are trailing.

For pro-life advocates, his running mate Pat Miller, a former state legislator and the head of Citizens for Responsible Government, tells that Tancredo is the best option — especially since Hickenlooper has the endorsement of the NARAL pro-abortion group.

“Tom’s a solid pro-life candidate and if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t have accepted his request to be his running mate,” she said. “Any pro-life bill that gets to Tom’s desk when he’s Governor will be signed into law.”

“We believe that a government that will not protect life from conception to natural death will not protect any other right we have,” Miller, a member of the board of directors of the statewide pro-life group Colorado Citizens for Life, added.
Meanwhile, pro-life columnist Michelle Malkin says Tancredo is moving in the right direction.

“In the past two weeks, Tancredo has narrowed the gap even more to between 4-5 points and raised a boat load of money. Look out for more ground-breaking poll numbers soon,” she said. [related]

“While Maes’ grass-roots supporters continue to abandon him in droves, Tancredo has picked up the endorsement of the very state Republican who nominated Maes at the GOP convention, Kevin Lundberg, GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn, and more and more heavy-hitting local and state GOP support by the hour,” she added.