Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity Saves 32 Babies From Abortion

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 23, 2010   |   5:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Every year on the third Tuesday of October, I sit in my chair next to my computer waiting for messages to start pouring in. I know in advance that I will end up in tears several times that day.

by Bryan Kemper

This year was no exception; a little after lunchtime I got the first report of a baby saved from abortion this year and I started weeping. By the next afternoon I had received word of 31 babies who had been saved because of efforts this year. (Just before sending this to my editor to be proofed I got an e-mail about another saved baby, making 32)

While hearing about babies being saved is always amazing, this day is about so much more than just that. This day is about a generation taking a stand against the worst genocide that has ever plagued our planet. This is about young people who have decided to be a voice for the 1/3 of their generation who will never have one.

Students from over 3,800 campuses in 29 countries came together as once voice, a silent but deafening voice. They stood together in solidarity to shine the light of Christ on the darkness of the abortion industry. They came together to give dignity to the thousands of precious babies who lose lives to lies of so-called “freedom of choice” every day.

Hundreds of thousands of young people united for one cause, one crucial and pressing issue that is destroying their generation. They worked in concert with each other around the globe to say, “Until their voices are no longer silenced, I will cry out”.

I love reading the stories about the babies saved, but I also love reading the stories about kids who faced persecution and never backed down. I love reading about these courageous young people who stood up to their schools who were trying to silence their voice and take away their rights.

I have been working with the youth pro-life movement full time for 17 years now and would not give that up for the world. I know I could get a job with some big time organization and get a real paycheck; I just cannot see myself working with anyone but these young people.

One of the biggest things I notice about young people that separates them from adults is that they still believe we will win this battle. I know that there are still a few of us older folks out there that believe, but these youth are so on fire and have no doubt that we will stop this holocaust. They actually believe that God is bigger than abortion, and that is why I will work with them until the day I die.

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper


Here are a few of the comments I got back this year. Please read some of their stories and watch the video of the young people who took part in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity.

“18 years and 8 months ago my mother found out she was pregnant. After fighting for me with my dad she almost had a natural abortion cause of how much he beat her. He wanted her to have an abortion and she wanted to have me. After withstanding harsh beatings and arguments my mom gave birth to me. The birth was hard as she almost died because of how much my dad would beat her. She thought I was going to be born dead. However she didn’t give up. She fought for my life and I love her for that. I just wish every mother would defend her baby’s life just like that. I wish every mother would fight the monster; abortion.”


“Today was a true blessing; I signed up my school yesterday and today me and my brother both had the duct tape on our mouths. Well this girl came up to me and said I was wasting my time that know one would listen to me and all I did was nod and give her the paper, then she threw it at me when I walked away I saw her pick it up and put it in her pocket later that day I saw her but her eyes were puffy then she hugged me and said I was making a huge difference to a lot of girls and that she was scheduled for an abortion later this week and that she will cancel it. I feel happy to know that not even saying something made such a difference”


“The doctors told my mom to abort me and that I would be mentally challenged and physically deformed. My mom remembered a pro-life display at a fair from when she was like 11 years old where she got to see life-size replicas of babies throughout a term. She could not abort me. I have a 4.0 GPA so I’m not mentally challenged! And my body is perfectly normal….how many babies have been killed due to so called abnormalities? And even if I was challenged in some way…I AM STILL A LIFE! The people in my life who have challenges are such a blessing and we can learn from them!!! So…I am COMPLETELY passionate about seeing abortion abolished in MY LIFETIME! I pray everyday for the ending of abortion. I’m the Vice President of the College Republicans as Mississippi University for Women (though I’m from Nashville, TN). I want to be very active in this cause whether socially, or actually going to DC to lobby.

Today so far, I have been made fun of and praised for wearing the life tape all day. One girl, who is a Democrat and very pro-death, said “Haha, you really can’t talk? Just say something. I promise I won’t tell the babies. If you don’t I guess this means I can say a bunch of pro-choice s*#@ and you can’t do anything about it.” I am totally praying for her and that God will soften her heart! God bless you for organizing this! I told the whole College Republicans about it last night and we are wearing T-shirts, pens, and I’m wearing LIFEtape. Thanks!”


“I’m an 8th grade weirdo who no one usually listens to or anything. Today was the first day I did the pro-life day of silence and people actually listened to me (yes I know, kind of ironic but you know what I mean). Today I had a sign around my neck saying “LIFE I will give up my voice for a day for the children who will never be able to speak”. I had many people read the sign and ask for flyers. by 5th period (our first class of the day) I was almost out. I had a teacher give me a high five, and made a huge impact on some people. That day I had 3 people come into my homeroom to ask for Megan and asked for a flyer. As difficult as not talking for a day was, I did it for all the babies who will never be born. it was a truly humbling experience. I spoke in a way everyone understood, but didn’t hear. Actions really do speak louder than words.”

Register early for the 2011 Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity now at Note: Bryan Kemper is the president of Stand True Ministries, a pro-life group that reaches out to youth and young adults. He is the author of a new book, Social Justice Begins In The Womb.