Minnesota Pro-Life Group: Mark Dayton Misleading Voters on Abortion Position

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 27, 2010   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Minnesota Pro-Life Group: Mark Dayton Misleading Voters on Abortion Position

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
August 27
, 2010

St. Paul, MN (LifeNews.com) — A Minnesota pro-life group says pro-abortion gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton is misleading voters about his abortion position. Though he supported a bill in Congress that would overturn such laws, Dayton told a radio station he allegedly supports parental notification before an abortion.

Dayton, one of the two major-party pro-abortion candidates for governor, has a "confused and conflicting position," Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says.

MCCL is calling for Dayton to state clearly whether he supports the extreme agenda of the abortion industry or would back limits on abortion like allowing parents to know when their minor daughters are considering one.

Dayton’s record in the U.S. Senate includes his sponsorship of the Freedom of Choice Act, also known as FOCA, in 2004.

The legislation would have wiped out all state and federal pro-life laws across the nation and codified abortion on demand in federal law. It would have overturned any pro-life laws in Minnesota such as parental involvement, informed consent, holding abortion centers accountable to health and safety standards or limits on taxpayer funding of abortions.

In direct conflict with FOCA, a Dayton spokesperson said in a WNMT radio interview Thursday that Dayton supports parental notification for minor girls before an abortion.

"FOCA would outlaw parental notification of any kind," MCCL director Scott Fischbach told LifeNews.com today. "And as a senator, Dayton voted twice against legislation to require parental notice when a minor is taken across state lines for an abortion, in violation of the law in the state in which they live."

Fischbach also noticed the contradiction between the statement from Dayton’s representative and the endorsement Dayton received from the Planned Parenthood abortion business this week.

"Planned Parenthood has fought fiercely at the Minnesota Legislature against parental notification bills for decades," he said.

Also at odds with FOCA, Dayton’s representative said Dayton also is opposed to “third-term abortions” with some exceptions.

"Planned Parenthood has never tolerated opposition to any abortion, for any reason or at any point in pregnancy," Fischbach said, noting that Planned Parenthood is strongly opposed to bans on partial-birth abortion.

Congress twice passed the partial-birth abortion ban and Dayton voted against it twice.

"How can he now oppose late-term abortions?" Fischbach asked.

“Has Dayton flip-flopped on his absolute opposition to parental notification, which is central to Planned Parenthood’s abortion advocacy? And does he suddenly regret his votes against the partial-birth abortion ban?” Fischbach asked. “If so, why would Planned Parenthood endorse a candidate who disagrees with its own agenda? His campaign appears to be in chaos, at least over the issue of protecting human life from abortion.”

“Mark Dayton needs to clear away all of the confusion surrounding his abortion stance,” continued Fischbach. “Minnesotans want the candidates for governor to be clear and direct about where they stand on the issues, and Dayton and his spokespersons have issued muddled messages on abortion.”

Dayton faces pro-abortion Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner and pro-life Tom Emmer.

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