Voters Favor Repealing Pro-Abortion Health Care Law, Say Repeal Unlikely

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 5, 2010   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Voters Favor Repealing Pro-Abortion Health Care Law, Say Repeal Unlikely

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 5
, 2010

Washington, DC ( — Sixty percent of likely voters say they favor repealing the pro-abortion health care law President Barack Obama signed that contains massive abortion funding, but fewer voters say they see repeal likely. Those are the new results from a Rasmussen Reports survey released today.

The survey found 60 percent of voters favor repeal compared with just 36 percent who want to keep the pro-abortion government-run health care system Democrats in Congress approved.

Some 49 percent of Americans strongly favor repealing the new law while just 24 percent strongly oppose repealing it.

Forty-three percent believe repeal would be good for the nation’s economy while 27 percent say it would be bad and another 20 percent say it would have no impact.

Despite the ongoing support for repeal, just 41% believe the law is even somewhat likely to be repealed while another 45 percent say repeal is unlikely.

"Part of the doubt about the likelihood of repeal may come from the fact that Democrats could still control Congress after November," pollster Scott Rasmussen said.

In April, however, 51% considered repeal unlikely, so the prospects of pro-life Republican candidates winning in November and floating a repeal bill apparently seems more likely to American voters.

Showing movement in the repeal direction, Rasmussen Reports indicates the current figures show 13% consider repeal very likely while 10% say it is not at all likely. In April, those figures were 11% and 18% respectively.

The poll finds 81% of Republicans and 65% of voters not affiliated with either major party favor repeal while 56% of Democrats oppose it.

Rasmussen says support for repealing the pro-abortion health care law has been strong ever since Obama signed the bill into law.

"This is the 16th weekly poll conducted on repeal since the health care law was passed. A majority of voters has favored repeal each and every week. Support for repeal has ranged from a low of 52% to a high of 63%. The most recent survey was conducted on July 1, the night some provisions of the law began to take effect," he noted.

Political conservatives overwhelmingly favor repeal, and liberals are opposed. Among moderates, 54% favor repeal, and 44% are opposed. Overall, 36% believe the health care law will be good for the nation, while 53% believe it will be bad.

The results come as the Obama administration is delaying on implementing a disputed executive order. The order will supposedly eliminate some of the abortion funding under the health care law, but pro-life groups say that’s not true.

When Congress passed the government-run health care bill, it did so without any limits on abortion funding and language mandating taxpayer financing of abortion in certain circumstances.

Obama eventually issued a controversial executive order supposedly taking the abortion funding issue off the table.

However, virtually every pro-life group said it would not mitigate the abortion funding because it doesn’t have the effect of law, could be reversed in the future, and because it didn’t tackle much of the abortion funding in the bill. The Obama administration could also ignore the order and not put it in place when the health care law goes into effect.

House Republican Leader John Boehner, in a recent meeting with President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders at the White House, asked Obama to provide a progress report on abortion and health care. Boehner is looking for more information on Obama’s disputed executive order.

During the meeting, Boehner noted that Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, in her recent report on implementing the health care law Obama signed, did not make any mention of efforts by the administration to implement the executive order.

"While the Obama Administration plows ahead on implementing what it regards as the ‘popular’ aspects of ObamaCare, administration officials have been coy about their aims for putting into practice the president’s executive order on taxpayer-funding of abortion," Boehner’s office said.

"Boehner is still awaiting a response, other than a cryptic reply that executive order guidance was still being developed," it said.


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