Mainstream Media Accounts on Abortion of "Wrong" Baby Speak Volumes

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Mainstream Media Accounts on Abortion of "Wrong" Baby Speak Volumes

by Ken Shepherd
April 22, 2010 Note: Ken Shepherd is the managing editor for NewsBusters and a former analyst at the Media Research Center who identifies examples of media bias. This originally appeared on NewsBusters.

A Sarasota, Florida, doctor recently lost his medical license on the basis of an error he made in 2006 in an abortion procedure where he mistakenly took the life of the healthier fraternal twin of a boy diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome.

In covering the story, most media outlets have noted that Dr. Matthew Kachinas aborted "the wrong baby."

Baptist theologian and radio program host Dr. Albert Mohler took the airwaves on his April 19 program to discuss both the case in question and the media’s coverage thereof.

Here’s what he said about the latter at the opening of Monday’s program:

Last week I saw a news story that simply stopped me in my tracks, and I wrote about it at, an article entitled, "Aborting the ‘Wrong’ Baby?" There’s a question mark at the end of that question. It has to do with a news story that came out of Florida.

Dr. Matthew Kachinas had been stripped of his medical license last week by a Florida medical review board for — and this is how the media discussed it — for aborting the wrong baby.

It’s one of those things that immediately catches your attention because, something huge is going on in this story. And a part of the story is not just what happened but how the media, and the culture-at-large, is understanding what happened. […] Well, this medical doctor lost his license because, according to the media — and evidently according to medical authorities in Florida — he bore responsibility for aborting the wrong baby, and by the wrong baby, they meant, evidently, it was rightful in their view to abort the baby that had Down Syndrome, but it was "wrong" to abort the "wrong" baby. Instead of performing the abortion on the baby with Down Syndrome, it was the other baby that was aborted, the one that is defined in the media stories as the healthy twin.

Sadly, and tragically, this situation was made all the more horrifying by the fact that the baby with Down Syndrome was later aborted as well. […] I wrote about it, because, I started looking at the media once I heard this story, and story after story, headline after headline, it was all about aborting the wrong baby. You realize what that implies? That implies that it was right to abort the baby with Down Syndrome.

Well, folks, if you’ve been listening to this program, you know that it is well-documented in the United States now that approximately 90 percent of all babies prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome end out being aborted.

This means that we are now using modern medical technologies, not only ultrasound, but now pre-implantation diagnostics and genetic testing, all these prenatal tests, we’re using these tests now to launch search-and-destroy missions in the womb. And this tells us who we are as a people…

You can find more of Dr. Mohler’s criticism of the media in his April 14 article, "Aborting the ‘Wrong’ Baby?" To listen to or download the full radio program from April 19, click here.

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