Pro-Life Group Denies All Democrats Endorsement Over Abortion Funding

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 7, 2010   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Pro-Life Group Denies All Democrats Endorsement Over Abortion Funding

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 7
, 2010

Indianapolis, IN ( — A statewide pro-life group in Indiana has set a national precedent by adopting a new policy resolution denying its endorsement to any Democrats. With three Democratic members of Congress once considered pro-life Democrats voting for the pro-abortion health care bill, Indiana Right to Life is striking back.

The Indiana Right to Life political action committee informed today that it formally adopted a resolution denying endorsements to all Democratic candidates as a direct result of recent passage of the bill.

Indiana congressmen Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly, and Baron Hill all joined Congressman Bart Stupak in voting for the bill despite their stated opposition to abortion and requiring taxpayers to finance abortions.

"Our leadership anguished over this decision," Indiana Right to Life director Mike Fichter told

"Had Democrats like Brad Ellsworth held firm in opposing federal funding for abortion in the health care bill, we likely would have rewarded such action with a bipartisan endorsement policy," he said. "Ellsworth’s collapse under pressure from the White House and Speaker Pelosi, as well as the collapse of his colleagues Joe Donnelly and Baron Hill, leaves us with no alternative."

Fichter continued, "Leadership matters, and the reality is that Democratic leaders are advancing an abortion agenda at an alarming rate that will only be checked by a Republican majority."

The decision to adopt a partisan endorsement system isn’t permanent and Fichter says Democrats can work their way back into Indiana Right to Life’s good graces by working to change the party’s platform on abortion and to change its party leadership.

"The ball is in the Democratic Party’s court," says Fichter. "As long as it continues to advance an abortion agenda, its candidates will not receive our support."

Fichter says that Indiana Right to Life adopted the resolution for the purpose of giving clarity to the reasoning behind its "no Democratic endorsement" policy to its supporters, the public, the media and to candidates.

"We want people to understand that Democratic leaders have forced us to draw this hard line. We’ve tried to work with Democratic legislators in good faith, but their actions speak louder than words," he said.

Fichter pointed out that the endorsement also applies to the state legislature, where Speaker Pat Bauer is blocking votes on pro-life legislation the group has endorsed.

"Our legislation is killed every year by Democrats in the state legislature. Top Democratic leaders in Washington are dismantling pro-life gains we’ve worked for over four decades to achieve. And now we have been betrayed by three Indiana Democratic congressmen on the health care reform vote at the precise time when we needed them the most," Fichter said.

Indiana Right to Life is forwarding its newly-adopted resolution to pro-life organizations across the nation and says it hopes other groups will abide by the same principles.

The Indiana Right to Life resolution for the 2010 election cycle reads:

"Whereas the Democratic Party officially endorses the right to unrestricted abortion on demand; and
Whereas Democratic leadership continues aggressively to advance federal policies that undermine the right to life of unborn children; and
Whereas Congressman Brad Ellsworth, Congressman Baron Hill, and Congressman Joe Donnelly betrayed the trust of pro-life Hoosiers by voting for the pro-abortion federal health care reform bill; and
Whereas the Democratic caucus in the Indiana House, under the leadership of Speaker Pat Bauer, continues to block all legislation aimed at limiting, restricting, and reducing abortions in the state of Indiana; and
Whereas candidates of the Democratic Party are responsible for the policies and actions of the party and its leadership; Be it resolved that the Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee will grant no endorsements to any Democratic candidates for any public office."

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