40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Reaches 209 Babies Saved From Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 8, 2010   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Reaches 209 Babies Saved From Abortions

by David Bereit
March 8, 2010

LifeNews.com Note: David Bereit is the national director of 40 Days for Life, the worldwide pro-life prayer campaign that has been responsible for saving unborn children from abortion, closing abortion centers, and converting abortion center staff.

I just returned home from Oklahoma. Early tomorrow morning I’ll be back on a plane, this time heading to California, where I’ll get to visit several more 40 Days for Life campaigns.

In between flights, praying at vigils, speaking at events, long road trips, and short nights of sleep, whenever I check e-mail, my in box is overflowing with more reports of lives saved.

I still think it’s a miracle any time 40 Days for Life prayer vigil participants are blessed with the knowledge that a mother has changed her mind about aborting a child.

And today, as we reach the halfway point of this campaign — it’s already happened … 209 times that we know of! That’s 102 more lives spared — over the last week.

Here are just a few of those miracles:

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: A woman and her daughter spent about an hour in the parking lot at the abortion center, entering and leaving the business several times. Finally, they drove out of the lot. The young woman rolled down her window and said, "I am not going to have an abortion."

"We were there at the critical time," said Trudy in Jacksonville. "We were there at the entrance of the driveway, offering her hope in her desperate situation.

She saw strangers praying for her; she saw signs that gave her options; she experienced the ultimate, unconditional love from people whom she may never see again in this world. And her miraculous decision gave us peace and joy this world can not give!"

YAKIMA, WASHINGTON: A 40 Days for Life participant described his boss as "a good Christian man," so it shocked him when his boss said his 16-year-old daughter was pregnant and planning to have an abortion. So, the man just prayed harder.

Two weeks later, his boss returned to say that when his daughter went to Planned Parenthood for her abortion, prayer volunteers convinced her not to go through with it. She went to a pro-life resource center instead.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Beth in Phoenix reports at least eleven babies have been spared from abortion during this 40 Days for Life campaign. "I praise God for our prayer warriors and gifted sidewalk counselors," she said.

In addition, two volunteer escorts at the Phoenix abortion center have quit! One of them shared her gratitude for the vigil participants’ presence.

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA: One of the prayer volunteers spoke with two women in their vehicle outside the abortion center. He handed one of them a brochure about abortion alternatives and what abortion does to women.

"Two hours later the women drove past us, giving us the thumbs up and pointing that she kept her baby," said Ernie in Pensacola. "What would have happened if the prayer vigil participant had not been there to hand these women this information?"

Click here for a photo of the Pensacola location.

I also have news on how 40 Days for Life is gathering momentum in Australia. The team in Brisbane, which is conducting its second 40 Days for Life campaign, recently had a great opportunity to spread the word about this life-saving ministry.

Daniel, who serves as Brisbane’s media and communications coordinator, was interviewed on the Vision Radio Network, a nationwide Christian broadcaster in Australia.

Click here to listen to this 10-minute clip.

How many more lives will be saved this week, thanks to your prayers and faithfulness? I can’t wait to find out!

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