West Virginia Senate to Vote Tuesday on Bill Allowing Ultrasound Before Abortion

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West Virginia Senate to Vote Tuesday on Bill Allowing Ultrasound Before Abortion

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
March 1
, 2010

Charleston, WV (LifeNews.com) — West Virginia pro-life advocates point to the high number of women in pregnancy centers who change their mind about having an abortion once they see an ultrasound of their unborn children. They hope to replicate that success in abortion centers through a bill getting a vote in the West Virginia state Senate.

The Ultrasound Option bill (SB 597) is scheduled to be on the floor of the state Senate for a vote on Tuesday and, if it passes, will likely go to the House Health and Judiciary Committees before it goes to the House floor for passage.

The legislation, which easily cleared the Senate Health and Judiciary committees last week, amends the existing Women’s Right to Know Act which helps women get information about abortion’s risks and alternatives.

West Virginians for Life is strongly supporting the bill while the pro-abortion group WV FREE calls the bill allowing women more information about the development of their unborn child an attempt to coerce them.

Under the legislation, women are not forced to view an ultrasound, but abortion practitioners who do one before an abortion are obligated to inform mothers they have the right to view one.

Some speculation centers on first-year House Judiciary Chairman Tim Miley, a Democrat, and political observers wonder how he will handle the legislation. He opposes abortion, unlike former chairwoman Carrie Webster who had been responsible for holding up legislation in the past.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Jeff Kessler is the lead sponsor of the Senate bill and, according to AP, said it is a good idea.

"It’s providing someone with the option to have more information before making a very serious decision," he said.

Noting that an abortion can be a "life-altering decision," he has said he believes women considering one should have as much information as possible.

The bill has earned the endorsement of the Wheeling News-Register newspaper.

"The overwhelming majority of health care providers agree that patients should be as informed as possible before they make critical decisions. That seems obvious. This week, West Virginia state senators will put themselves on record in regard to the matter," it said.

"As anyone who has viewed an ultrasound image of an unborn child can testify, it indeed can be an emotional experience. But it also provides an expectant mother with much more information about the fetus – about whether it should be considering merely a collection of cells or a living human being," the paper added. "We can think of no good reason for legislators not to vote for the bill."

At a recent pro-life rally at the Capitol, the president of West Virginians for Life, Karen Cross, urged pro-life advocates to get behind the bill.

“When she sees that (ultrasound image), she’s more likely to choose life" because it shoes “a living, human baby with fingers and toes, and arms and legs," she said.

“Information empowers women to make informed choices,” Cross added. “Ultrasound legislation protects the mother’s right to see her unborn child in real-time ultrasound. Because the decision to have an abortion is such a major one, it is only right and proper that the state guarantee the mother access to information relevant to her decision.”

Gov. Joe Manchin, a long-time pro-life advocate, has promised to sign the bill should it get to his desk.

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