Woman Draws Pro-Life Shock by Live Blogging Abortion on Twitter, YouTube

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 24, 2010   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Woman Draws Pro-Life Shock by Live Blogging Abortion on Twitter, YouTube

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
February 24
, 2010

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — A woman who calls herself Angie the Atheist is prompting shock from pro-life advocates for live-blogging her drug-induced abortion and putting update on Twitter as she goes through the process. Angie recounts the process in graphic terms and displays a hatred for pro-life detractors.

"I’m an atheist, children’s rights activist, and happy momma of a 4-year-old boy who makes my world go round. But this week, I’ve been getting called a ‘killer’ a whole lot," Angie writes.

She found out she is pregnant on February 13 despite using two forms of the kinds of birth control Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates say reduce abortions.

"It turned out the birth control I thought I was using didn’t quite work as planned (my IUD had apparently come out and we weren’t using condoms as regularly as I was pretending to myself we were)," Angie writes. "You can imagine how romantic our Valentine’s conversation was. (I think what I said was, ‘Let’s go for a twofer — I’ll get an abortion and you get a vasectomy.’)"

Angie says she was sexually abused as a child and claims she doesn’t want children again because of a difficult first pregnancy that saw her having problems gaining enough weight to support the baby.

"When my son was born, I decided I didn’t want any more kids, in part because I’d learned during my pregnancy that I was a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis," she recounts and says having another child would take away from the relationship she has with her son.

"For me, getting an abortion was the best decision," she said. "I began #livetweetingabortion on Twitter. Why on earth would I choose to go through something so personal — and controversial — on Twitter? Have I no shame? No, I don’t. I don’t feel ashamed of having an abortion."

She claims she is not doing "not for some publicity stunt, or attention, or to justify this to myself."

Angie has since shared that an ultrasound was not able to identify the age of her unborn child but the "state of my pregnancy" — which presents possible medical concerns for Angie since the mifepristone (RU 486 abortion drug) is only "safe" to use at certain time intervals in pregnancy.

Angie has since taken the abortion drug and has gone on to describe the "4-hour bleed out" that accompanies it and puts women’s health at risk.

She also talks about the two part drug process, saying "Today’s pill kills it, tomorrow’s pills will flush its carcass (as horrifying to lifers as I can do)."

Now, Angie appears to have no regrets for the abortion and harsh words for pro-life people who are upset by what she’s done.

"Don’t think you’re a moral crusader for trying to make me feel bad for killing a parasite that would’ve left my boy an orphan," she writes. "I’ve been having depression as a result of pregnancy. Ending that will probably make me feel much better."

She claims pro-life people don’t "care if I die in pregnancy as long as I give myself up nobly to the cause of breeding."

Krystle Weeks of the Family Research Council, is sad to learn about Angie’s decisions saying a YouTube video of Angie she watched "brought tears to my eyes listening to the accounts of a woman describing her abortion. The woman had no guilt or remorse for the harm she was placing on the baby she conceived, and this was hard to contemplate."

"I said a prayer for this woman, but I began to ponder whether this is the first of many videos covering senseless acts of tragedy against an unborn life. Abortion is the loss of a life with much potential, and the fact that this was broadcast online for the world to see only provides the opportunity for bringing an alternative to abortion into the limelight," Weeks says.

"With the help of a Pregnancy Resource Center, this woman could have received assistance and sound medical advice to bring her child into the world. Even if she did not want the child, there is the option of adoption. Adoption would allow this child to be loved and cared for by a family, in addition to allowing that child to pursue dreams and opportunities," Weeks added.

Weeks recounts the story of a woman in a similar situation helped by a pregnancy center to decide against having an RU 486 abortion and to give birth to her baby.

"The tragedy is that the woman in the video will never know her terminated child’s potential," Weeks concludes.

Angie is lucky to be alive as the mifepristone abortion drug has killed more than 13 women worldwide and injured more than 1,100 in the United States alone.

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