Pro-Life News: Stupak, Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alaska, Abortion

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Pro-Life News: Stupak, Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alaska, Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 18
, 2010

Pro-Life Democrat Bart Stupak Now Probably Won’t Run for Michigan Governor
Lansing, MI ( —
Bart Stupak, who seems to be the lone pro-life Democrat left in Washington these days, probably won’t run for governor in Michigan after all. In a lengthy interview with Politico, Stupak said, “it’s pretty hard for me to envision myself running for governor,” citing the Democratic Party’s political standing in Michigan, fundraising challenges and his desire to finish working on health care reform. “It is so late in the political season if you’re going to run for governor. I’d have to devote every waking hour trying to move around this vast state . … plus you’d have to spend the other waking hour you have on the phone trying to raise money, which is something I don’t like doing," Stupak said. “It’s late. It’s a tough road for Democrats, especially in a state like in Michigan. I’m never home now, and I’d be home even less. … I’m stuck here for probably 30-45 days with health care. I just can’t walk away from this fight now.” Stupak went on to say that he wasn’t officially ruling out a campaign, but the odds are long. A senior Democratic operative who has chatted with Stupak about the race went one step further, saying he’s informed them he’s not going to run. Even if he ran, Stupak would be facing a crowded Democratic primary field in the wake of Lt. Gov. John Cherry’s withdrawal from the race.

Virginia Abortion Advocates Continue Promoting Pro-Abortion License Plates
Richmond, VA ( —
In most states, pro-life advocates have led the way with Choose Life license plates to help pregnant women and promote adoption. Virginia is one of the rare states where pro-abortion activists have their own plate, too. Planned Parenthood of Virginia is promoting a specialty license plate that says "Trust Women, Trust Choice." To establish a specialty plate in Virginia, all plate sponsors "must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the General Assembly that [that they will] meet the statutory issuance requirements" for the plate by securing 350 orders before the state will approve production. Once the minimum number of orders is secured, approval is also required by the General Assembly. They still need at least 200 orders to meet that threshold. Courtney Jones, grassroots manager of Planned Parenthood of Virginia said pro-abortion plates would give supporters another means of donating to Planned Parenthood. "We also felt it was important because the incoming governor [Bob McDonnell] has made it a priority to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding during the next legislative session," Jones said. After the first 1,000 plates are purchased, $15 of the $25 purchase price will go to Planned Parenthood.

Texas Man Arrested in the Murder of Pregnant teenage Girlfriend
Flower Mound, TX ( —
A 20-year-old Dallas-area man has been arrested for the murder of his teenage girlfriend, who was pregnant when she was killed. Brittany Munoz’ body was found on Tuesday in the apartment she shared with her mother and sister. Flower Mound police say she was murdered. And Friday morning, they revealed she was six weeks pregnant when she was killed. Officers had been looking for her boyfriend since Tuesday. They called Garrett Gower a "person of interest." But Friday afternoon, they issued an arrest warrant for Gower for capital murder. Soon after, officers got a tip and caught Gower in Bedford. He’s now in jail. The arrest warrant affidavit for Gower says Munoz suffered blunt-force trauma to her head. She was found on her bed, it says, and shards of glass were found under her body and around the bed. It also says her left eye was black and blue. The affidavit goes on to say that according to Munoz’ family, Gower is the father of her unborn child. It also says Gower and Munoz had a volatile relationship. Gower checked himself into a psychiatric facility in Bedford before he was arrested, according to the affidavit.

Mississippi Lt. Governor Leads Personhood-Abortion Petition Amendment Effort
Jackson, MS ( —
Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant has taken a leading role in attempting to get an amendment on the 2011 state ballot that would call for personhood for unborn children and challenge legal abortions. A recorded phone message from Bryant went out to some 12,000 central Mississippi residents Thursday encouraging them to sign the petition, which requires 90,000 signatures by February 12. If successful, voters would decide whether to amend the Constitution to declare that life begins at "the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof." In the recorded message, Bryant notes the recent passing of Christmas and says, "Let us remember that every unborn baby deserves a birthday." Washington Political Group, an Atlanta-based political consulting company, is making the calls on behalf of a nonprofit called Personhood Mississippi. Les Riley, of Pontotoc and a father of 10, ranging in age from 20 months to 22 years, is paying for the service through private fundraising. Bryant told The Clarion-Ledger in December that he is eying a run for governor but has not made up his mind. If he does run, he likely would start the campaign as the GOP front-runner. But Bryant said politics had nothing to do with his decision to record this message. He penned his signature on the petition during a right-to-life banquet about a year ago at First Baptist Church in Jackson.

New Mexico Pro-Abortion Gov. Candidate Diane Denish Raking in Big Money
Santa Fe, NM ( —
Lt. Gov. Diane Denish raised almost $750,000 in the last three months of 2009, according to her latest campaign finance report, a 305-page document made public on Thursday, according to the New Mexican newspaper. According to the report, Denish, the only announced Democrat running for governor, has more than $2.5 million in cash on hand. That puts her in the strongest financial position of any gubernatorial candidate. She has raised more than $3.5 million during the current cycle. Denish for the past two years or so has voluntarily released quarterly campaign finance reports — even though state law doesn’t require her to do so. By law, the next required report is in May. Last week, Republican gubernatorial contender state Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones released her campaign contributors. She’s raised more than $50,000 for her campaign. Las Cruces District Attorney Susana Martinez has said she’ll be releasing a report soon. The other Republican gubernatorial candidates, Allen Weh and Doug Turner, have not followed suit. Denish’s largest contributor on this report was Emily’s List, a national political action committee that supports female Democratic candidates who favor abortion rights. The PAC gave Denish two contributions totaling $55,000. Earlier in 2009, Denish reported another $10,000 from Emily’s List, meaning the total is at least $65,000.

Alaska Pregnancy Center Director Promotes Parental Consent on Abortion
Homer, AK ( —
The following comes from Eileen Becker, the director of the Pregnancy Care Center of Homer: Thirty six states require parental involvement in their minor’s decision to have an abortion. Currently in the state of Alaska, any adult can take a minor girl into an abortion center and have this procedure performed without the parent’s knowledge. Minors may not have the age, experience, or resources to consistently make correct decisions regarding their bodies and lives. Requiring parental consent is a responsible legal requirement for any medical procedure, and we must not let the argument chase rabbit trails and lose the main point of this petition: parental consent. Abortion will still be the right of every woman in Alaska when this petition is made law, and only a Federal Supreme Court decision can alter Roe v. Wade. State politics have mired the legislative process regarding this issue, creating a no-man’s land where elected officials are scared to take on the abortion issue for fear of harming their careers. State Sen. Hollis French, State Sen. Bettye Davis and State Sen. Gary Stevens have consistently sabotaged the parental-consent issue, and put their careers ahead of the desires of their constituents. It’s time our voice is heard: this petition is a clear indication of the sentiment in Alaska regarding parental rights vis-à-vis abortion. Why should a class field-trip, a medication as benign as aspirin, obtaining a driver’s license, or a flu-shot require parental approval, while an irreversible and life-altering operation like an abortion does not?

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