Social Justice Begins In The Womb, New Book Shows Pro-Life is Pro-Human Rights

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Social Justice Begins In The Womb, New Book Shows Pro-Life is Pro-Human Rights

by Bryan Kemper
December 4, 2009 Note: Bryan Kemper is the president of Stand True, a Christian pro-life group that sponsors the national Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. Bryan’s 18 plus years of working in and helping found the modern youth pro-life movement give him some great perspectives and insights which he shares in his new book, Social Justice Begins In The Womb.

Social justice is all the rage right now. So many different social justice organizations are popping up everywhere, it is hard to keep track. I am not saying this in a negative way; I think it is awesome that people want to take action and do something to love those in need.

I want to point out two things I have noticed two things about this social justice trend. The first is most social justice organizations we see leave out the plight of the children in the womb who are facing death everyday.

For too many people, the social justice timeline begins at birth—when it should start at the beginning of life. So many groups want to save children’s lives but don’t include the children who are being killed every day by abortion. Many other people buy the cool T-shirt, proclaiming their stance on an issue, and then their action ends.

I think it is great that so many kids want to buy a T-shirt to help spread an important message and support a cause. I only wish it would go further than just a cool T-shirt. It is easy just to wear a shirt with a message; the hard part is living out that message.

Cutting, starvation, human trafficking, AIDS, and child labor are all tragedies that should deeply concern all of us.

Each of these issues deserves our prayers and action. While all of these causes are popular to be involved with, the killing of innocent children in the womb is often overlooked or ignored. If you are willing to take a stand against the inhumanity of human trafficking or child labor, you should also be willing to take a stand against the killing of almost 4,000 innocent children every day through abortion.

The social justice mission must begin in the womb.

Social Justice Begins In The Womb will be a great resource for anyone involved in the pro-life movement. It tackles some of the so called "tough questions" about abortion and discusses how we should handle things like protesting, graphic images and so many other issues.

My’s hope is that you will come away from reading this book with a better understanding of the pro-life cause and how to defend, act upon and vocalize your pro-life convictions.

By pre-ordering the book you help us gage what we need to order for out first run. You can buy the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon in January but buying it through us helps us much more. The book will sell for $15.99 and can be ordered at –

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