Another Former Employee Says Carhart Employed Illegal Abortion Practices

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 15, 2009   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Another Former Employee Says Carhart Employed Illegal Abortion Practices

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 15
, 2009

Bellevue, NE ( — Another former employee of late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart has come forward saying he engaged in illegal activities at his Nebraska-based abortion business. She joins five other former workers at Carhart’s abortion center who says illegal and unethical practices occurred there.

The unnamed woman has contacted the pro-life group Operation Rescue and submitted an affidavit testifying to the illegal acts she witnessed.

She also testifies that Carhart and his staff told her to commit illegal acts during her employment at his Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska.

OR president Troy Newman tells today that she is the fourth person to submit an affidavit to his group and that he will turn it over to Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, who recently met with representatives of several pro-life groups about the concerns regarding Carhart.

"We want to emphasize that each of the affidavits, including this most recent one, contain testimony of criminal violations," he said.

"Therefore, we repeat our request that the Attorney General’s office conduct a careful criminal investigation within the confines of the law, and make the appropriate criminal charges as warranted by its investigation," Newman added.

"This would be in addition to anything that is being done by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services," he told today.

Newman said this latest Carhart employee left her job voluntarily and indicated she had no medical background but routinely assisted with surgeries, started IVs, and dispensed medication without the proper credentials.

She also indicated that she believed that Carhart was, at times, chemically impaired while on duty.

The other former employees at Carhart’s abortion business also said abortions that were done without proper licensing and that they started IVs for him even though they are not registered nurses or certified licensed practical nurses, as required by state law.

"The picture these women paint of day-to-day activity at Carhart’s abortion clinic is not a pretty one," Newman said.

"Each day that goes by is another day when women’s lives and health are placed at grave risk. Immediate action is needed to insure that the public is protected from illegal and unsafe practices that these women say are taking place at Carhart’s abortion clinic," Newman continued.

"As with the other whistleblowers, this woman’s identity will not be released to the public for her own protection. However, she will fully cooperate with authorities during whatever investigation might take place," he concluded.

After the pro-life groups met with Bruning, Julie Schmit-Albin, the director of Nebraska Right to Life, talked with

She indicated Bruning would not say whether a criminal investigation will ensue, but aid the pro-life advocates hate a "very good" meeting to discuss the "serious" allegations.

Some of the information is going to the state health department while some of it will stay with Bruning’s office.

"Witnesses have come forward with sworn statements regarding what they saw and were asked to do inside Carhart’s facility," the Nebraska pro-life leader said. "We expect DHHS will do its job with regard to regulatory and licensing violations and that the Attorney General will do his job with regard to criminal allegations."

"Having former employees willing to speak on record makes all the difference," she said, adding that it would have been helpful in a previous case.

"It is what we should have had to pursue Planned Parenthood of Lincoln’s abortion facility in 2002 when the former clinic director made anonymous allegations but refused to come forward publicly," she told "We acknowledge that this cannot be an easy thing for these former employees but it is the necessary and right thing to do."

The groups filed a formal complaint about the alleged illegal and unsafe practices at Carhart’s abortion business and were notified by the Nebraska Attorney General’s office that the complaint had been forwarded to the Department of Health and Human Services, (NHHS), and that the Attorney General would monitor their investigation.

Once news of the investigation spread, former employees came forward with information about past problems.

Other allegations include missing narcotics and the alteration of the fetal age of unborn children so late-term abortions Carhart would do would comply with state law.

The pro-life groups also note that Carhart did the late-term abortion on the baby of 19-year old Christin Gilbert that was botched and resulted in Gilbert’s death.

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