Abortion Advocates Now Defend Late-Term Abortion Practitioner LeRoy Carhart

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 25, 2009   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Abortion Advocates Now Defend Late-Term Abortion Practitioner LeRoy Carhart

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
August 25
, 2009

Omaha, NE (LifeNews.com) — In the aftermath of the shooting of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller by a vigilante extremist, pro-life groups that worked to stop Tiller by legal, peaceful means have turned their attention to LeRoy Carhart. Abortion advocates are doing the same and making wild-eyed claims in the process.

Hoping to stop Carhart from opening a new late-term abortion business in Kansas, and to get him to comply with state law in his stomping grounds of Nebraska, pro-life advocates have called for attention on Carhart.

They have filed complaints with officials in Nebraska and Kansas about his involvement in a botched abortion that killed a mentally disabled teenage girl, and they want state officials to make sure he follows state laws limiting abortions.

Pro-life groups in both states are also asking pro-life advocates to head to Omaha this coming weekend for a protest and outreach.

Leading abortion advocate groups are responding with vitriol and incendiary language that is causing concerns for those in the pro-life community.

Terry O’Neill, the new president of the pro-abortion women’s group NOW, said in a militaristic-sounding press statement that "anti-abortion forces have set their sights on Carhart" and that they "plan to besiege Carhart’s Nebraska clinic this weekend in an attempt to terrorize the clinic workers and their patients."

She is calling on abortion advocates to head to Omaha in what could lead to hateful or violent confrontations against the pro-life advocates gathered there to pray and help women.

O’Neill called the plans for peaceful protests "violence and harassment" as well as "domestic terrorism" involving "hateful rhetoric and attacks."

She closed her confrontational statement by calling on the Obama administration to ‘respond to this threat using the strongest means possible, to prosecute the criminals, their funders and their co-conspirators, and to protect every provider, worker and patient across this nation."

Julie Schmit-Albin, the director of Nebraska Right to Life, called on O’Neill to quit lobbing fireballs at pro-life people.

"Perhaps NOW President Terry O’Neill should temper her own rhetoric," she told LifeNews.com Tuesday afternoon, saying a "peaceful, prayerful pro-life presence
will take place at LeRoy Carhart’s abortion facility this weekend."

"O’Neill ratchets up her own hate speech with NOW’s statement that, ‘violent anti-abortion extremists’ will be descending on Carhart’s facility and it is NOW’s job to ‘defend’ it," Schmit-Albin added. "We hope the pro-lifers present will be videotaping the activities to show how a peaceful, prayerful presence is conducted."

The Feminist Majority Foundation launched its own attack on pro-life advocates, even while it acknowledged that they will use peaceful, prayerful means to oppose abortion and Carhart.

Eleanor Smeal claims "hostile activities towards clinics are increasing in more than 10 states against abortion providers," though he provides no evidence to back up her point.

She goes as far as comparing the free speech associated with abortion protests to the killing of Tiller.

"Escalating activities targeting Carhart and his staff eerily resemble the harassment of Tiller," she says in an attempt to politicize the Tiller shooting.

She says it resembles the shooting because "Operation Rescue has posted photos of Carhart on their web site and has submitted a formal request to Nebraska’s Attorney General to investigate Carhart on many of the same allegations previously used to investigate Tiller."

Most of Smeal’s email to her supporters with the claims is relegated to fundraising.

"You can help Dr. Carhart and his embattled clinic by making an emergency, tax-deductible contribution today," she says. "Your emergency contribution will support our efforts to help keep this clinic and other targeted and embattled clinics nationwide safe and open."

Half of the donations to FMF will go to Carhart to defend himself against potential litigation to make sure he is following the law.

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