Documentary Demographic Bomb Follows Demographic Winter Population Expose’

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 29, 2009   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Documentary Demographic Bomb Follows Demographic Winter Population Expose’

by Steven Ertelt Editor
June 29
, 2009

Washington, DC ( — The makers of the popular population documentary Demographic Winter have followed up their successful film with a new production named Demographic Bomb. The second in the series includes interviews with top experts in the field who show how the world has too few people, not too many.

SRB Documentaries has released "Demographic Bomb: Demography is Destiny," which is also produced by Barry McLerran.

Like the first film, McLerran tells that the new documentary "deals with rapidly falling birth rates and their consequences for humanity in the 21st century."

The new movie "explores the history of the modern population-control movement — how it persuaded the public that there are too many people in the world, and how these fallacies became institutionalized."

Viewers of "Demographic Winter" heard from demographers, sociologists, economists and historians on the demographic crisis confronting the world.

Demographic Bomb follows that with an interview with Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University, author of 1968’s The Population Bomb, which popularized the myth of overpopulation.

Mathew Connelly of Columbia University and the author of Fatal Misconception: The Struggle To Control World Population, reveals how organizations, institutions, governments and the United Nations manipulated and coerced families, evaded political accountability and violated basic human rights to achieve their population-reduction agenda.

Former Yale economics professor Jennifer Roback Morse, USC professor Dowell Myers, Harvard Ph.D Nick Eberstadt, Harry Dent, the author of The Great Depression Ahead, and Prize winning economist Gary Becker are also interviewed.

McLerran says they "uncover the roots of the crisis that has shaken the world’s economies."

"[The first move] predicted the financial crash of 2008 to within 12 months. Demographic Bomb reveals how this is just the beginning," he explains. "[The second] shows what happens when countries comprising 80% of the world’s economy have plummeting numbers of workers, consumers and innovators – leading to falling consumer spending, and too few workers to support the elderly."

"Worldwide, birthrates have declined by 50% in the past half-century," the first film noted. "There are now 59 nations, with 44% of the world’s population, with below replacement birthrates."

A birthrate of 2.1 is needed to replace current population, but the European Union has a birthrate of just 1.3. By 2030, the group’s estimate, Europe is expected to have a shortfall of 20 million workers.

Meanwhile, in Russia, where abortion has been used for decades as a method of birth control, the nation is expected to lose one- third of its current population by 2050.

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