District Attorney Reviewing Video of Tennessee Abortion Biz Hiding Sexual Abuse

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District Attorney Reviewing Video of Tennessee Abortion Biz Hiding Sexual Abuse

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
May 11
, 2009

Memphis, TN (LifeNews.com) — The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing whether to begin an investigation into a Memphis Planned Parenthood. The decision concerns video footage showing the abortion center’s staff urging a young woman saying she was sexually abused to hide allegations of statutory rape.

The footage shows a Planned Parenthood staffer telling activist Lila Rose to lie about her potential sexual abuse so she could get an abortion.

Rose sent the raw footage from the Memphis undercover investigation to District Attorney Bill Gibbons for review.

According to the District Attorney Office spokeswoman Jennifer Donnals, "Gen. Gibbons has assigned one of the prosecutors in our Grand Jury section to review the video to determine if the matter warrants any further investigation."

Rose talked with OneNewsNow about the latest development.

"The district attorney’s office in the Memphis region made a statement saying that they were reviewing the footage and that they would look to see if further investigation of Planned Parenthood of Memphis was in order," she said.

"We need to hear from the attorney general on this as well because state funds are being appropriated to Planned Parenthood of the state," Rose adds. "There is legislation right now whether or not to fund them, and the legislation would be to defund them, to end their subsidy that they are receiving from Tennessee taxpayers."

Rose went to the Planned Parenthood’s Memphis Health Center undercover and told a counselor that a supposed boyfriend twice her age impregnated her and that she wanted an abortion without her parents knowing.
Tennessee Code 37-1-605 requires health professionals to report suspected cases of sexual abuse of minors to law enforcement immediately.

Instead of notifying officials about the apparent sexual abuse, a Planned Parenthood counselor tells Rose on camera that she doesn’t want to continue the line of conversation about the sexual abuse.

"Look, if we keep on this conversation, I’m gonna have to talk to my manager and yeah, [your boyfriend]’s gonna get in trouble," the staffer says. "And please don’t say that I told you this."

When Rose tells the counselor she thinks her boyfriend will get in trouble if her parents find out, the counselor advises Rose to lie about the man’s age when speaking to a judge in order to obtain a bypass of Tennessee’s parental consent law for abortion.

"Don’t mention it. Just say you have a boyfriend 17 years old…whatever," the staffer says.

"The Planned Parenthood counselor hears about the abuse, says she should report it, decides to remain silent, then tells me to lie to the judge about a 31-year-old man." Rose tells LifeNews.com about what happened.

This isn’t the first video to show problems at Planned Parenthood — as other footage Rose has released exposed Planned Parenthood abortion centers in Indiana and Arizona. The footage has prompted state officials to open investigations and Planned Parenthood staff have been fired or resigned as a result.

The first video Rose released showed a Bloomington, Indiana Planned Parenthood purposefully not telling state officials of a potential case of sexual abuse and staff members urging Rose to get a secret abortion in another state. That led to the firing of one staff member.

A second video, involving an Indianapolis Planned Parenthood, saw the same coverup and it resulted in one staff member resigning her position.

Rose sent the third video, where a Planned Parenthood nurse disregards the age difference and goes as far as cautioning Rose’s colleague not to bring her "boyfriend" before the judicial hearing required in Arizona to waive parental consent for an abortion, to state and local officials.

After hearing the news, officials with Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona said they planned to investigate the matter.

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