Abortion Advocates Label "Violence" Any Pro-Life Opposition to President Obama

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 9, 2009   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Abortion Advocates Label "Violence" Any Pro-Life Opposition to President Obama

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
March 9
, 2009

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — The United States is considered the birth place of legitimate freedom of speech but for abortion advocates, those freedoms stop when your pro-life beliefs begin. They’re equating any pro-life opposition to the pro-abortion policies of President Barack Obama as violence.

With the inflammatory headline "Under a Pro-Choice President, Clinics Brace for Uptick in Violence," pro-abortion blogger Eleanor Bader paints such a broad stroke that she accuses the majority of Americans who are pro-life of engaging in violence.

"In many places across the country [pro-life people] are [at war], with clinics seeing an uptick of violence, harassment and menace," she said.

As evidence for her claims that violence against abortion centers will rise is the "increasingly shrill rhetoric" of pro-life leaders.

She blasts as incendiary comments from Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee, who labeled Obama a "hardcore pro-abortion president;" American Life League’s characterization of Obama as "one of the most radical pro-abortion politicians ever," and Father Frank Pavone’s warning that Obama will "force Americans to pay for the killing of innocents."

Those quotes are hardly the stuff of property damage, assault or homicide.

Bader claims a fire at an abortion center in Nebraska is another example of pro-life violence, even though officials determined the cause to be accidental and having nothing to do with pro-life advocates.

That’s the same abortion center that has also been shut down today because its owner and operator failed to get city permission to re-open and failed to allow for a health inspection beforehand to account for women’s safety. But Bader doesn’t consider that to be a problem.

For further proof, Bader relies on the exaggerated claims of top abortion advocates, who have even less proof in their possession of any actual acts of violence.

"The anti-abortion extremists lost at the ballot box in November," Kathy Spillar of the Feminist Majority Foundation claims. "The fear is always there that some will see this as a call to violence. This means we’re always on guard."

In Spillar’s eyes, and as evidence for Bader’s wild-eyed claims, fear of violence now apparently equates to actual violence.

Vicki Saporta, the head of the National Abortion Federation, the trade group for abortion centers, adds, "We know that political losses provoke anti-abortion extremists to retaliate, so clinics need to increase awareness.

Saporta doesn’t cite one example of violence but Bader links her to worries that some vigilantes — not affiliated with the pro-life movement who killed abortion practitioners or their staff 15 years ago and now reside in prison — will strike again.

Bader believes she comes closer to an actual incident of violence when she quotes Claire Keyes, the former director of the Allegheny Reproductive Health Center abortion business.

Keyes is beside herself because pro-life advocates would engage in a Constitutionally-protected and time-honored form of non-violent free speech: picketing.

"But since the inauguration, things have gotten measurably worse. There’s been an increase in picketing by students from Franciscan University in Ohio," she says. "On Saturdays there are 60-plus protesters."

Keyes’ big concern is a bunch of college kids are spending their weekends away from the bars and frat parties and instead expressing their opinions about a salient political issue.

"The police were called but so far they don’t seem to be responding appropriately," she complains.

Given the number of times pro-life advocates have been arrested without cause in recent months, for Pittsburgh cops to not act means they’re probably glad the kids aren’t selling drugs, engaged in gang-related activities or other actual violent and illegal activities that merit their attention.

Bader also blasts 40 Days for Life, the prayer and information campaign going on in more than 150 cities across the nation.

She can’t recall a single case of violence or other problems associated with the event and the abortion center operator she quotes admits they don’t cause any problems other than their prayers and signs apparently making her feel intimidated.

Bader closes with an urge for pro-abortion activists to take videos of pro-life people engaged in violence or harassment for eventual posting on YouTube and Facebook. That may be good idea if Bader is ever able to document her first and only case of violence in the post-Obama world.

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