Pro-Life Group Wants Calls to Ohio Firm Repairing Nebraska Abortion Business

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 16, 2009   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Pro-Life Group Wants Calls to Ohio Firm Repairing Nebraska Abortion Business

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 16
, 2009

Bellevue, NE ( — A group that monitors abortion practitioners is calling for pro-life advocates to contact an Ohio-based construction firm that is rebuilding a Nebraska abortion center. Last month, the abortion center run by infamous late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart was burned in a fire.

The Nebraska-based center is one of the few in the nation to do late-term abortions and Carhart’s name became famous when the Supreme Court ruled for him against a partial-birth abortion ban.

During the fire, which officials eventually ruled was accidental, Carhart’s run-down abortion building was heavily damaged.

Carhart is known to local pro-life advocates for taking a long time to maintain the upkeep on his building, but he has already hired NBD International, an Ohio-based fire restoration company, to repair the damage.

Construction workers have been renovating the basement area where the fire broke out.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman tells that the reconstruction is going slowly, but it could stop altogether if pro-life advocates contact NBD and ask it to stop work on the facility.

Boycotts and protests of construction companies have proven effective in other locations like Austin and Denver in slowing down building of new abortion centers.

"It is unknown when Carhart’s abortion mill will be reopened, but judging from the photos, it will not be any time soon, and maybe never if NBD International stops construction," Newman said.

"Operation Rescue calls on NDB International to immediately halt repairs on the Carhart clinic in the interest of saving lives," he added. "Please contact them and ask them to stop collaborating with the abortion industry."

Local pro-life advocate Larry Donlan has already attempted to persuade some of the local workers to stop participating in the repair of the abortion center.

One African-American worker told Donlan that he should not judge, and said that God was a loving God. Donlan asked him if killing babies was a loving thing to do and if a "loving God" would approve of his aiding an abortion business.

ACTION: Contact NBD International at 1-800-929-3398 and ask the company to stop work rebuilding the Carhart abortion business in Nebraska. You can also send an email message by going to

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