Third Way Proposes Abortion Kumbaya, But Policies More Words Than Deeds

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 15, 2009   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Third Way Proposes Abortion Kumbaya, But Policies More Words Than Deeds

by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 15
, 2009

Washington, DC ( — The liberal religious group Third Way has released their blueprint for tackling tough legislative issues like abortion. While incoming president Barack Obama and others who want to water down the pro-life legislative agenda may embrace it, skeptics will find little in the way of real pro-life initiatives.

The blueprint of the "can’t we all get along on abortion" Third Way agenda is called the “Come Let Us Reason Together Governing Agenda."

The group, which has served as a front for pro-abortion political types who want to use language that makes pro-life voters more likely to support them, says it wants to reduce abortions "through common ground policies."

"We agree on a goal of reducing abortions in America through policies that address the circumstances that lead to abortion: preventing unintended pregnancies, supporting pregnant women and new families, and increasing support for adoption," Third Way says.

But Third Way’s goal is to support legislation like the Prevention First Act, which pro-abortion Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently introduced that supports more funding for birth control but is essentially a taxpayer-financed bailout for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

David Brody, a blogger for CBN News, commented extensively on the proposal today and he says something like this gives Obama the ability to appear to have a less rigid pro-abortion stance.

"The Obama administration has no desire to waste away political capital on social issues. They don’t want to get bogged down on fights over abortion," he explains. "It would end up being a distraction because they are laser focused on the economy."

Brody also says Obama can get behind the Third Way blueprint because he can continue his bathetic appeal to values voters.

Third Way has "an administration who is not only willing to listen but who takes faith related matters very seriously. This should not be underestimated."

He says Obama’s picking pro-life evangelical pastor Rick Warren for an inaugural prayer shows the new president will likely work with groups like Third Way to keep up the appeal to evangelical and Catholic voters.

But the real question is whether Obama will support any legitimate pro-life efforts to reduce abortions — bills that actually tackle abortion head on in ways that help women and children.

"The question for moderates and progressives is whether they can cede ground and be okay with parental notification laws and a fetal pain bill. Both are considered ways to reduce the number of abortions in the country so will those be considered?" Brody asks.

The answer is likely no and pro-life advocates can expect Obama to use groups like Third Way to moderate his pro-abortion image while doing everything he can to promote unlimited abortions (with the FOCA bill) and force them to pay for abortions.

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