Kansas Supreme Court Judge Beier Subject of Pro-Life Groups Expose’ on Abortion

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Kansas Supreme Court Judge Beier Subject of Pro-Life Groups Expose’ on Abortion

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
January 26
, 2010

Topeka, KS (LifeNews.com) — Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carole Beier is the subject of a new expose’ campaign mounted by the political action committee of Kansans for Life. KFL says the campaign will aim to educate voters about why they should vote against retaining Beier when they have a chance to vote on her this November.

Today, KFL executive director Mary Kay Culp expanded on why this campaign was initiated and announced a huge boost to the effort from Monday’s legal filings defending an attorney associated with pro-life former state Attorney General Phill Kline.

KFL told LifeNews.com today that it is upset with Justice Beier because she has engaged in a disinformation campaign designed to disparage Kline’s reputation and stall the prosecution of illegal abortions.

Culp spoke with LifeNews.com today about the “Fire Beier” initiative.

She said the initiative "will reveal Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier’s participation in a dishonorable disinformation campaign to obstruct justice, more reminiscent of an aggressive abortion industry defense attorney, than impartial judge."

"Her actions and interference have resulted in abortion prosecutions being unjustly stalled and compromised by a state Supreme Court that continues to keep a judge gagged after he began testifying about Planned Parenthood document falsifications and delay a ruling that would release abortion forms from KDHE that at no time ever contained patient names," Culp explained.

She also said the state high court continues to "actively inflame the public against abortion prosecutors, charging they violated ethical standards, while concealing that those charges are contradicted repeatedly by judges and the Supreme Court disciplinary administrator’s own investigations."

Culp urged changes in the way state high court judges are selected.

She said the Kansas process for the appointment of Supreme Court Justices, where three nominees are selected by what she termed "an unelected, elitist group" makes it so the final choice is made by the governor, without Senate confirmation.

"Most of the current corruption in Kansas stems from appointments made by a Governor completely compromised by financial ties to the Kansas abortion industry," the pro-life advocate told LifeNews.com.

"We are supporting legislation to correct the nomination/appointment system, and in the meantime hope to educate citizens and encourage them to help us begin the process of righting the wrongs of the current corruption, through our ‘Fire Beier’ campaign this November," she said.

Regarding Kline’s associate, Culp said that, on Monday, attorneys for Eric Rucker filed a motion to reconsider the ethics charges against him, and included the results of a previously unknown extensive investigation done by the Supreme Court’s disciplinary administrative office.

She also noted that the high court found “there is not probable cause to prove that Phill Kline violated any of the rules of ethics.”

Rucker’s motion asks whether the panel charging him with ethical violations had known of the administrator’s own findings and those of Judges King and Owens.

"We believe Beier is the instigator of the ethics charges," Culp said, "perhaps because of the fact that–after investigations–conclusions were reached that she didn’t agree with."

Culp says her group is not alone in their observations about Beier’s bias when it comes to interpreting the state’s abortion laws.

"On December 5, 2008, the Court ruled that Kline’s actions did NOT constitute contempt of court. Beier, however, writing for the majority, took the opportunity to complain about Kline for 18 pages," she said. "Then-Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, Kay McFarland, and current Chief Justice of the court, Robert Davis, stunningly called out Beier for going beyond professional conduct based on prejudice– exactly what Beier continues to claim about Kline."

Culp said the new initiative may extend to other justices.

"For example, Sebelius’ last appointee on the court, Don Biles’ main qualification appears to be his status as law partner of the head of the Kansas Democratic Party, which has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from one of the abortionists Kline was investigating," Culp said.

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