Abortion Centers in Michigan Run by Embattled Albert Hodari May Close Down

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Abortion Centers in Michigan Run by Embattled Albert Hodari May Close Down

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
November 11
, 2009

Flint, MI (LifeNews.com) — An abortion center in Flint, Michigan run by the notorious abortion practitioner Albert Hodari may be closing — if a sign on the building announcing it as available for purchase is any indication. Hodari runs the Feminine Health Care Clinic in Flint and other area abortion centers.

The Feminine Health Care Clinic does abortions through 24 weeks of pregnancy and local pro-life advocate Judy Climer of Flint Right to Life informed LifeNews.com of a sign showing it available for sale.

LifeNews.com contacted the abortion business and was not able to connect with anyone for comment on this story.

Climer told LifeNews.com, she believes Hodari is behind on the taxes and could possibly be facing a lawsuit that could prompt him to sell the abortion business and leave the country.

"I checked the city files last night, and there are two parcels of land registered to him – both show real estate taxes owing on them," she indicated.

"There is, also, a fresh lawsuit against him, the clinic and former employee(s)," Climer added. "It was filed in June by a man named Bruce Caitlin. I know his attorney, and he never takes a case unless there are potential millions to be won."

Climer described how she learned of Hodari’s abortion center could possibly be sold.

"I was headed to this Hodari clinic yesterday to pray, and on the way, a sidewalk counselor already there phoned me to say someone was putting a ‘for sale’ sign on the building," Climer told LifeNews.com. "I was excited on one hand as we have prayed for this for so long; yet, I wondered if it could be true."

"When I got there, sure enough; it’s tacked up on the building high enough so no one can take it down," she said.

Climer indicated a previous visit to the abortion center revealed suspicious activity.

"I knew something was going on because last Tuesday, I saw him carrying big file boxes out to his trunk before he left, and he was hurrying because we were still there. He accidentally bumped the trunk lid, and the boxes bounced all over the ground. He, also, threw a chair in the dumpster and put another chair in a van that took it away," she said.

She also said she understands that his abortion facility at Southgate is also for sale.

In June, Hodari was fined $10,000 by a state board in connection with a woman’s botched abortion death.

One of Hodari’s staff did an abortion on Regina Johnson and, afterwards, suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Staff at Hodari’s abortion center allegedly failed to help her or call for an ambulance and she was deprived of oxygen for an extended time. She died a short time later at Hodari’s Womencare clinic in Lathrup Village.

Johnson’s death is one of several women to have died over the years under Hodari’s care.

The September 17, 2003 abortion saw Milton Nathanson, then employed by Hodari, do an abortion on Johnson. She died the next day from "anoxic encephalopahy due to cardiac arrest" resulting from the abortion, according to official reports.

In addition to Hodari and Nathanson, anesthesiologist Barry Thompson and the abortion clinic’s nurse, Cathy Litchig were also implicated in Johnson’s death.

The Michigan Attorney General imposed the fine on Hodari on march 4, 2009.

This finding of the Attorney General’s office comes just one year after members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society discovered the remains of aborted babies in Womencare clinic trash dumpsters as well as bio-hazard waste and hundreds of patient records.

Hodari was investigated by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and received a warning from that office.

He was also prosecuted by the Oakland County District Attorney’s Office for violating Michigan statutes regarding the improper disposition of patient records. Hodari pled “no contest “ to the first of 12 counts and is currently on probation in that case.

A complaint filed by Miller’s group with the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions regarding the patient records issue is currently under review by the Attorney General.

At least two other women have also died from failed abortions at Hodari’s abortion centers and many more have been injured.

Tamia Russell was only 15 years old in January of 2004 when her 26 year old boyfriend paid Hodari $2,000 in cash to abort her baby at over 26 weeks gestation. She died less than 24 hours after obtaining an abortion at Womancare of Southfield/Lathrup Village.

Her guardian was unaware she was pregnant, and had no knowledge of the abortion – until it was too late.

Chivon Williams received a suction abortion by Hodari at an unknown clinic. An hour and forty minutes later, she was discharged even though she was complaining of pain in her stomach and chest. Soon after she arrived at her home, she "became unresponsive." At 5:17, on the same day as the abortion, she was pronounced dead.

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