National Day of Appreciation of Abortion Providers Ignores Hurting, Killing Women

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National Day of Appreciation of Abortion Providers Ignores Hurting, Killing Women

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 10
, 2010

Washington, DC ( — Today is National Day of Appreciation of Abortion Providers, the annual celebration by pro-abortion activists of abortion practitioners. Groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sent their members messages today honoring abortion practitioners but they ignored how they have killed and injured women.

ACLU officials released a statement saying one quote from an unnamed abortion practitioner "sums it all up."

"We are just trying to do what Dr. Tiller would want us to do: help women," the abortion "doctor" said.

"Without their courage, commitment, and skill, the legal right to abortion in this country would be meaningless. So in addition to thanking abortion providers today, we should thank them every day," the ACLU said.

But the statement ignores a plethora of problematic abortionists who not only kill unborn children in abortions but kill and injure women as well.

Just this year, several had made the news because of their illegal or unethical activities.

Last month, Pennsylvania abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell was investigated for killing a woman in a botched abortion last November. Massive amounts of drugs found in the victim’s system led authorities to suspect Gosnell was illegally prescribing pain-killers.

Local officials found dozens of apparently late-term unborn children who were killed in abortions as long as 30 years ago when they investigated his center.

Gosnell has a long history of killing and injuring women

In February, Alberto Hodari temporarily closed his abortion center in Livonia, Michigan.

He is the abortion business owner who has been disciplined by the state, faces multiple lawsuits, and has killed at least three women in botched abortions. Hodari is facing yet another lawsuit related to a woman who suffered a botched abortion at one of his Detroit-area abortion centers. It sues Hodari for negligence and incompetence.

Caitlin Bruce, a 20-year-old woman, says Hodari and a staffer held her down and completed an abortion on her even though she changed her mind while on the table and voiced her objections.

Also last month, Florida abortion practitioner James Pendergraft faced more problems with the state medical board.

He’s lost his medical license before and, now, Florida Department of Health has again suspended his medical license — this time for a period of two years.

The suspension is the result of a complaint filed April 14, 2008, that states Pendergraft illegally prescribed controlled substances without proper DEA licensing, OR indicated. The board also said Pendergraft committed medical malpractice in a botched abortion of a 19-week-old unborn child in February 2006.

The botched abortion saw Pendergraft inadequately dilating a patient’s cervix for a D&E abortion. He then ruptured her uterus and shoved the unborn child’s body into the abdominal cavity.

The mother was rushed to the hospital where she received an emergency hysterectomy along with the removal of the dead unborn child, who was missing an arm after the abortion attempt.

Earlier this month, Nevada-based abortion practitioner Damon Stutes reportedly decided to take matters into his own hands when he was upset by the peaceful pro-life signs that adorn the public sidewalk outside his abortion center.

Stutes drove off the road and onto the dirt shoulder and ran over two of the signs before crossing back across the street and driving into the driveway of the abortion site property.

Southern California abortion practitioner Andrew Rutland faced a court hearing recently. Rutland killed a woman during an abortion by administering anesthesia to her and not knowing the proper dosage.

The case concerning the woman’s legal abortion death is pending and the medical board and a Administrative Law Judge James Ahler told Rutland to stop doing abortions until its conclusion.

He was later caught in an undercover sting operation scheduling an abortion in violation of the order to stop doing them while his disciplinary case proceeded.

Also in February, 37-year-old Alexandra Nuñez died after a botched abortion claimed her life. The State of New York Department of Health has opened an investigation into abortion practitioner Salomon Epstein and his abortion A-1 Women’s Care abortion center located in Jackson Heights.

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