Pro-Life News: Alabama, Germany and Assisted Suicide, Pregnancy Help, Saudi Arabia

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 16, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Pro-Life News: Alabama, Germany and Assisted Suicide, Pregnancy Help, Saudi Arabia

by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
December 16, 2008

Alabama Couple Turns Ex-Abortion Business Into Pro-Life Educational Center
Montgomery, AL ( —
A couple in Alabama have purchased a former abortion facility and turned it into an educational center. The decor is the same, and much of the appearance has been preserved – form counseling to procedural rooms – so that visitors can make an informed decision about abortion. Billy and Tammy Cox have renamed the Center for Choice as "Claire’s Hope" after their infant daughter who died of Trisomy. Visitors can watch videos, including portrayals of counseling sessions, or hear the sounds of an abortion taking place in a procedure room that features a reproduction of the equipment used in an abortion. A human rights wall details the progression of human rights from woman’s suffrage, to the civil rights movement, and even the Endangered Species act – but ends with a question mark next to a picture of an unborn child. "We want it to remain a very, very educational center," Billy Cox said. "We don’t think people should look down on people that have had abortions. Our purpose is not to change laws. It is such a controversial topic, but we feel it can be done in a noncontroversial way." He added, "We have tried to keep this religion-neutral and opinion-neutral as possible."

Survey Shows 40 Percent of German Doctors Would Engage in Assisted Suicide
Berlin, Germany ( —
According to an anonymous survey conducted by German news magazine Der Spiegel, 40 percent of German doctors said they could consider participating in the assisted suicide of a patient, and another 16 percent said they would even take the lead in ending a patient’s life. A little over 3 percent even admitted to having participated in at least one assisted suicide. Eugen Brysch, head of Germany’s hospice organization, remarked that the survey revealed "what a bad handle doctors have on ethical and medical questions," and that they are unable to differentiate between allowing someone to die and actively killing them. The hospice organization is calling for improvements to hospice care and ethical training for doctors, petitioning for 30 million euros ($38 million USD) annually for ethics training. Brysch also pointed out that only 4 percent of terminally ill patients had access to professional end-of-life care in the final year before their death.

Web Site Offers Ways to Help Pregnant Women Like Mary This Christmas
Washington, DC ( —
In honor of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is offering free tips to churches on how to reach out to pregnant teens and their partners this Christmas, asking Christians to make this year a "Mary Christmas." TastyFaith founder Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald says the initiative, inspired by "the world’s most famous pregnant teen," is mean to encourage Christian to action. "One out of every three teen girls gets pregnant, two out of those three will drop out of school, but three out of three churches can help," said MacDonald. Ideas on the TastyFaith web site include downloadable "baby bucks" to seeking help from secret wise men – anonymous donors to aid the plight of teen mothers. MacDonald, a veteran youth leader from Chicago, witnessed the life-changing effects of teen pregnancy in her ministry which resulted in eighteen babies, two miscarriages, one abortion, "and twenty-one empty seats at church." This crisis of faith inspired MacDonald to create Life After Birth Bible Studies for Teen Moms, a workbook to help teen mothers and churches build a lasting relationship. She is hoping that Mary Christmas will be an annual program for churches. "Let’s make sure there is room in our inns, pews, and church programming for the Marys of today," said MacDonald.

Saudi Arabia Baby Diagnosed as Pregnant With Her Twin Sister in Rare Case
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ( —
A Saudi Arabian baby has been diagnosed as pregnant with her twin sister. In a very rare case known as fetus in fetu, one developing embryo began to develop within another – in this case, the uterus of the other unborn child. Fetus in fetu occurs only once in 500,000 live births, and only 51 documented incidents are on record. The most well known case may be that of Sanju Bhagat of India, who carried his parasitic twin for 36 years, which grew to an incredibly large size. Doctors mistook the growth for a tumor, until the discovered fragments of human hair, limbs, and long nails. In another case in India in 2002, doctors removed a deceased fetus from a six-month old boy. In these cases, a form of monozygotic diamniotic twin pregnancy, the embryo developing within the other becomes a parasite, dependent entirely on the host for survival.

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