British Advice Columnist Dear Deidre Plays Down Emotional Pain From Abortion

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British Advice Columnist Dear Deidre Plays Down Emotional Pain From Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
December 3
, 2008

London, England ( — British advice columnist Dear Deidre is at it again on the issue of abortion and, this time, she is playing down a teenager’s emotional devastation from an abortion. Her column comes days after three separate studies showed women who have abortions suffer significant mental health problems.

An unnamed teenager wrote to Deidre — confiding in her about the emotional pain she continues to experience following the abortion.

"I should be happy because my life seems perfect at the moment, but all I do is cry and shout at everyone for no reason," the teen says.

"I’m 17. Some months ago I got pregnant and I decided the best thing for me and the child was to have a termination. I knew I wasn’t ready to support a child at this time in my life," she explains. "Things were fine until about two weeks ago when I started to feel really down about everything."

"I cry at the slightest thing. I can’t sleep at night. I just toss and turn all night long," she says..

The teen is experiencing weight issues, her best friend tried to commit suicide and she finds herself unable to help and, she admits she likely needs to see a counselor but can’t bring herself to do it.

Instead of recognizing that the teen has obvious depression and emotional issues she needs to work through because of the abortion, Deidre merely validates her abortion and sends her on her way.

"You did make the right decision for you at the time," she writes. "No doubt it was a relief in the weeks following the termination to know you were free of the worry of an unplanned pregnancy."

"Even though it was the right decision it was still a loss to you and there are complex hormonal changes to cope with too," she says.

Deidre eventually offers the teen a free brochure but never fully explores the issues the teen is facing nor addresses how her ending the life of her child has set her up for a lifetime of emotional distress.

That Deidre is so positive about the abortion is no surprise given her history of promoting abortion with other advice seekers.

In August, Dear Deidre chided a teenage girl whose boyfriend pressured her into having an abortion, calling her "foolish and naive."

"I took a pregnancy test and it was positive," she added. "He told me to get rid of it. He didn’t want to know."

Deidre ultimately tried to explain away the teen’s negative feelings associated with the forced abortion, saying they were normal.

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