Scotland Advice Columnist More Concerned With Eavesdropping Than Abortion

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 30, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Scotland Advice Columnist More Concerned With Eavesdropping Than Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
November 30
, 2008

Glasgow, Scotland ( — An advice columnist in Scotland has a case of misplaced priorities when it comes to her response to a writer asking for help. Daily Record columnist Joan Burnie said she was more upset that a writer read an email about her sister’s friend’s abortion than the abortion itself.

The unnamed advice seeker wrote to Burnie saying, "My older sister’s friend had an abortion. I saw an email she sent to my sister about it."

"She said she was really happy and glad it was all over. She said my sister had really helped her and she would always be grateful," the advice seeker added.

"She said she knew my sister wouldn’t tell anyone," the writer said. "But I don’t see how she can be happy and I think everyone should know what she did. I think abortion is very wrong."

Burnie issued a terse response saying, "Reading other people’s emails isn’t right either."

"This isn’t your business, so don’t you DARE start spreading your poison," Burnie harshly responded. "You know nothing about the situation."

Burnie closed the haughty response saying, "But should you ever find yourself in a similar position, then I hope you have as good a friend as your sister turned out to be."

Burnie has been in trouble with the subject of abortion before when, last year, she criticized the pro-life remarks of Cardinal Keith O’Brien who talked about the destruction of human life.

She wrote at the time that "the grief suffered losing an unborn child is not the same as the grief suffered if one lost a living, breathing 5 year old."

She also criticized the Catholic Church for trying to "dictate" abortion policy to Parliament.

The pro-life group UK Life League responded to Burnie’s previous abortion rants.

"Joan Burnie wants God out of politics. It would be far better to have Joan Burnie staying away from subjects she so obviously has no comprehension of. It is people like her, who support the murder of innocents and who attack those who would defend them, that have brought this country to its present predicament," the group said.

ACTION: Express your opinion by writing to Joan Burnie, 4 West Catherine Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5H2 UK

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