President Barack Obama as a Man: Pro-Abortion And Needing Our Prayers

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 21, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

President Barack Obama as a Man: Pro-Abortion And Needing Our Prayers

by Marianna Trzeciak, Esq
November 21, 2008 Note: Marianna Trzeciak, Esq., is a homeschooling mother of three who contributed to amicus briefs in the Rule 60 motions to overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. She founded Democrats for Life of Vermont and speaks regarding pro-life feminism at college, law school and other forums.

Unlike the other side, we pro-lifers never noticed Barack Obama’s race; we looked at the man and his policies and were rightly frightened for the course of the nation if he were to be elected. What was only our nightmare is now coming true, and we must enter that stage of awakening where one takes a disturbing dream and molds it, making it less horrifying, less shameful, and more suitable for guiding us through true-life situations.

Although I would rather have dropped dead at the polls than have voted for the pro-infanticide Barack Obama, I accept Mr. Obama as the President-elect of our nation. In part, this is due to my own sentiments about American history; in part, this is due to observation of President Bush, Senator McCain, and others this week.

To say that we have seen "classy acts" from Bush and McCain is an understatement. Their reaching out publicly to President-elect Obama must be part of a (beneficial) government orchestration to let our enemies know that the transition of power will be seamless and acceptable to all Americans.

President Bush, whose media-beaten presidency has, in God’s Grace, prevented any second 9/11 from occurring on his watch, is using all that he has at the end of his tenure to prevent a second 9/11 from occurring during an Obama presidency.

And Senator McCain–well, we know that the man is willing to make extraordinary sacrifices for his country. Propping up Barack Obama is a small one in comparison to McCain’s other gifts to the United States. Governor Palin, virtually all pro-life leaders, and (pro-choice) Senator Clinton have similarly pledged public support of Obama-as-designated-leader.

And this brings me to my own teary-eyed sentiments about American history.

Every four to eight years our nation has a transfer of power that is the envy of all the other nations of the earth. Presidential Inauguration Day is the closest thing our secularized society has to a sacrament. It is the outward sign of the invisible acceptance by all Americans of our Constitution–of our makeup as one people in one nation under God.

In fact, it is only those other countries that are rather high-minded who can envy us. Other folks, in more chaotic parts of the world, cannot even fathom the peaceful transfer of power in a free democracy. Their perception is that the United States is in a weakened position from November of election year and throughout the first year of a new presidency.

Hence, we see the public gestures and hear the statements such as President Bush’s statements that the remainder of his term is devoted to making Obama’s term successful.

There are subtle, but possibly very consequential, side effects of the Bush-McCain post-election strategy.

First, it befuddles would-be terrorists. Second, the strategy has become a male-bonding, initiation-into-manhood kind of a thing. Again, what the general electorate may have missed was quite obvious to us pro-lifers: Obama ran for president because of a deep father-wound, among other pitiful reasons. When Bush and McCain slap their hands on Obama’s shoulders, they are saying that Obama is a grown-up; he can do this thing called "being the President." He may at times feel like an imposter, but "yes, he can."

Of course, the replacement of the father-wound with the acceptance into the world of grown-ups may remove Obama’s desire and impetus to be President. This is all for the better. The best presidents were never the ones who just had to be president, but rather the ones whom the country just had to have.

So, let us pray to God for President-elect Obama. May he renege on his pledges to Planned Parenthood just as he reneged on his campaign spending pledge. May he convert his heart, mind and will to God and the protection of all God’s little ones. And, for the duration of the Obama presidency and after, may God continue to bless America.

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