James Dobson Mourns Obama Victory, Forecasts Significant Abortion Promotion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 7, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

James Dobson Mourns Obama Victory, Forecasts Significant Abortion Promotion

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
November 7
, 2008

Colorado Springs, CO (LifeNews.com) — Dr. James Dobson has aired a two-part radio program to respond to Tuesday’s election results and he both lamented Barack Obama’s victory and forecasted significant promotion of abortion. He says Obama’s election could set the pro-life movement back 35 years.

Dobson told his listeners he is "in the midst of a grieving process" over Obama’s election victory but only because of the impact it will have on the fight to protect human life.

"I’m not grieving over Barack Obama’s victory, but over the loss of things that I’ve fought for 35 years," he said.

Dobson said he wished he could have voted for the nation’s first black president but couldn’t bring himself to do so because of the million of unborn children who will be killed in an Obama administration.

"But to be honest, I have to say that his win causes me enormous concern, because he will be the most committed pro-abortion president in our history, even supporting infanticide for babies who survive botched abortions," Dobson said.

Dobson worries Obama is "going to appoint the most liberal justices to the Supreme Court, perhaps, that we’ve ever had."

"So there are many reasons why I’m struggling today over the likely path that the nation has taken," Dobson indicated.

He said the election created a "dilemma" for him because he wants to support Obama but can’t support his rigorous pro-abortion agenda.

"Yet I look at what this man wants to implement, and it scares me," he said, pointing to the bill Obama says he will sign to overturn every pro-life law nationwide.

"The Freedom of Choice Act would instantly, if it passed, invalidate more than a hundred laws and provisions that would protect the unborn child," Dobson said. "I mean it would set back to 1973 the efforts to have parental notification and waiting period — all those things that have been done in various places — gone, because he wants no restriction on abortion whatsoever."

Dobson’s program featured Gary Bauer, the former presidential candidate who is the head of American Values, a pro-family group.

Bauer pointed out how two civil rights leaders — Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King — used the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence to argue for racial equality.

He says he finds it ironic that Americans elected Obama, who understands racial equality but misses the other part of the paragraph about protecting human life.

"That is also our basis for support of the sanctity of life of innocent unborn children," Bauer said.

"Because that paragraph says that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator — that’s God — with certain unalienable rights — rights that can’t be taken away — among them, and the first one as we all know was the right to life. So what an irony — that our first African-American president appears to be confused about the meaning of the words of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence," Bauer explained.

Bauer urged Christian voters to do more to get their churches to educate people about these key values issues like abortion.

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