Monday Polls Show McCain Tied With Obama in Most Top Battleground States

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 3, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Monday Polls Show McCain Tied With Obama in Most Top Battleground States

by Steven Ertelt Editor
November 3
, 2008

Washington, DC ( — Several new polls on Monday show John McCain making the presidential election a tight contest the day before voters head to the polls. Political pundits who say there will be an Obama blowout may be in for a surprising McCain victory or a much closer contest given the survey results.

New polls in battleground states from the respected Rasmussen polling firm show Obama and McCain within the margin of error in six key states.

McCain holds leads of one percent in Florida and North Carolina, where he leads Obama 50-49 in both. Virginia and Colorado have identical 51-47 leads for Obama and the two candidates are tied at 49 percent each in Missouri and Ohio.

Those numbers are all an improvement for McCain as he was tied in just two of those states last week and ran behind Obama in four others.

Should the momentum continue to shift towards McCain today and tomorrow it is conceivable that he could win four or more of those battleground states making the election close or winning a narrow electoral college victory.

The Rasmussen poll shows McCain moving from a four point deficit to a one point advantage in Florida. Obama led in Missouri by one point last week.

In Colorado, Obama has held a lead for weeks and it appears he will likely pull out a win in the western state given the influx of liberal voters from New York and California moving there. Virginia’s results have shown that Obama appears likely to win there as well as he has held a small 3-4 point lead in most surveys.

McCain is up by one point for the second week in a row in North Carolina and may be able to hang on to this traditionally Republican state.

The Rasmussen polls show the candidate more likely to peel off voters from his opponent’s base is faring better.

In Colorado, Obama is getting the support of 10 percent of Republican voters while just 5 percent of Democrats are going for McCain.

McCain is holding on to North Carolina because he’s attracting 15 percent of Democrats there compared to just 7 percent of Republicans who favor Obama. And McCain has 13 percent of Ohio Democrats compared to Obama’s receiving the support of 9 percent of Ohio Republicans.

Independent voters give Obama majority support in Colorado and Virginia while they favor McCain in the other four states.

The latest analysis of the electoral college math gives Obama a 291 to 247 advantage. For McCain to come away with an electoral college victory he needs wins in Virginia and Pennsylvania — giving him a 281 to 257 advantage.

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