Abortion Advocates Quick to Attack New McCain Running Mate Sarah Palin

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 29, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Abortion Advocates Quick to Attack New McCain Running Mate Sarah Palin

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
August 29
, 2008

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — It doesn’t take long for abortion advocates to come out swinging with attacks on Senator John McCain’s new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Nancy Keenan, the president of NARAL, sent LifeNews.com an email just hours after the selection saying she’s too pro-life for their taste.

"Now we know what we’re up against, with Sen. John McCain’s announcement moments ago that anti-choice Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is his pick for vice president," she said.

"By picking Palin, we now risk having two anti-choice extremists who will push a rigid anti-choice agenda," she griped. "Any remaining doubts about McCain’s extreme anti-choice position should be put to rest when voters learn about the combined anti-choice records of Palin and McCain."

Keenan is upset because Palin also opposes abortions in very rare cases of rape or incest and she complained that "Palin is also a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life."

She said her group would target independent and pro-abortion Republican voters with the news in hopes they will support Barack Obama and Joe Biden — two abortion advocates who want unlimited legal abortions funded with taxpayer dollars.

Meanwhile, Kin Gandy, the head of the pro-abortion group NOW, bashed Palin for her comments saying she would help her daughter care for her unborn child should she ever become a victim of rape.

Gandy claims Palin doesn’t support women’s rights and said McCain’s efforts to attract women voters won’t work.

"Sen. John McCain’s choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate is a cynical effort to appeal to disappointed Hillary Clinton voters and get them to vote, ultimately, against their own self-interest," she claimed in a statement LifeNews.com received.

"Gov. Palin may be the second woman vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket, but she is not the right woman. Sadly, she is a woman who opposes women’s rights," Gandy contends.

Still, Gandy admitted that, "The fact that Palin is a mother of five who has a 4-month-old baby, a woman who is juggling work and family responsibilities, will speak to many women."


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