Potential Barack Obama Picks Evan Bayh, Joe Biden Have Pro-Abortion Records

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 19, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Potential Barack Obama Picks Evan Bayh, Joe Biden Have Pro-Abortion Records

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
August 19
, 2008

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Barack Obama is slated to announce the selection of his running mate this week and if he picks either of two prominent senators thought to be highest on his list, he will have a vice-presidential candidate who has an even longer record of promoting abortion.

LifeNews.com has already profiled Virginia governor Tim Kaine, one of the top three potential running mates, and his pro-abortion position.

Senators Evan Bayh and Joe Biden are the other two likely considerations and, though they can’t match Obama’s track record of opposing a bill to stop infanticides, they each have a litany of pro-abortion votes in Congress.

In Joe Biden, Obama would get one of the fiercest abortion proponents in the Senate and someone who has made a reputation of out badgering Supreme Court nominees about abortion during confirmation hearings.

In fact, before he dropped out of the Democratic primary race Obama eventually won, Biden confirmed he would have a pro-abortion litmus test for his own possible judicial picks.

"I would not appoint anyone who did not understand that Section 5 of the 14th Amendment and the Liberty Clause of the 14th Amendment provided a right to privacy … which means they would support Roe v. Wade," he said in a November debate.

Biden’s pro-abortion track record in the Senate mirrors Obama’s.

He received a pro-life voting record of 0 percent from the National Right to Life Committee for 2007-2008.

Before that, Biden compiled records of 0 percent, 16 percent, 0 percent, and 22 percent with the pro-life group in previous Congressional sessions. His support for a ban on partial-birth abortions represented the only time he voted with the pro-life side — with Biden voting repeatedly to force taxpayers to fund abortions at home and abroad.

Should Bayh get the nod, the mainstream media will likely present him as a moderate on abortion and someone the pro-abortion lobby doesn’t see eye to eye with on every issue.

Though he supported the ban on partial-birth abortions, Bayh is not pro-life and has always taken the position that abortions should be legal and virtually without limits.

Bayh is a former Indiana governor who became a thorn in the side of pro-life advocates by repeatedly vetoing legislation that would have limited abortions. When he got to the U.S. Senate, he didn’t fare much better.

The National Right to Life Committee only gave Bayh a 28 percent pro-life voting record for the most recent session of Congress and he only earned that because one of his votes had to do with free speech limits to campaign finance reform.

Bayh voted twice against attempts to stop funding of international groups that promote or perform abortions in other nations and opposed allowing unborn children to be included in the SCHIP program so poor pregnant women and their unborn children could receive medical support.

NRLC indicates Bayh received just a 25 percent pro-life voting record in 2005-2006, and scores of 18 percent, 0 percent and 11 percent in previous Congressional sessions.

Those votes aren’t good enough for Ellen Malcolm, president of Emily’s List, a top pro-abortion group, and she and her colleagues in the abortion industry may be lobbying Obama to pick someone else.

She told Gannett News Service that Bayh "has lost the support of some in the pro-choice community" over the rare votes he’s cast with pro-life lawmakers.

"I think we need to have a ticket that supports the (tenets) of Roe v. Wade, and that is where he has lost the support of some of the pro-choice community," she added.

Though they have sided with the pro-life community on very rare occasions, Bayh and Biden are strongly pro-abortion and have repeatedly opposed even the most minor limits on abortions supported by 60-70 percent of the American people.

Their positions stand in stark contrast to the pro-life position Senator John McCain takes on abortion and will likely contrast with the running mate McCain selects.


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