Pastor Rick Warren Will Ask Barack Obama, John McCain About Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 15, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Pastor Rick Warren Will Ask Barack Obama, John McCain About Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 15
, 2008

Lake Forest, CA ( — Pastor Rick Warren has confirmed he will ask presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama about abortion during the forum he is holding Saturday night. His confirmation of an abortion question comes as more pro-life groups are calling on him to discuss pro-life issues with the candidates.

With Obama strongly supporting unlimited abortions financed with taxpayer dollars and McCain opposing that, abortion has been one of the biggest divides in the presidential election.

Warren has been repeatedly called on to broach the subject, despite earlier comments that he would address other political issues.

In an interview with CBN News, Warren confirms he will question the two about the controversial topic.

"The person who says well I’m going to put my faith on the shelf and not let it affect my decisions as President is either lying or they’re ignorant because you can’t do it. Every one of your decisions you make based on your world view," he says he will tell the candidates.

"So I’m going to ask them about abortion," he adds.

Warren also said he would challenge Obama on abortion and that he has challenged Obama in the past.

"I have challenged him on that very issue because I am pro-life," he told CBN News.

"A lot of Evangelicals have a problem with Barack Obama on abortion. Well, they have the right to have a problem with both of those issues because as I read scripture they’re important issues. The protection of life is a fundamental issue," he said.

At the same time, Warren told the television station that he thinks evangelical voters care about other issues besdies abortion.

"So whoever got the idea that we only care about abortion," he said. "Now I care deeply about those issues. I am firmly pro life … but that’s not all I’m committed to."

"So I’ve moved beyond from what I’ve called pro-life to ‘whole life.’ And that is I still care about that little girl before she’s born. Deeply," he explained.

"If you’ve read [my book] you’ll know that I’m pro life because God had a purpose for your life before you were even born," he explained. "But I’m not just pro life I’m whole life which means I care about whether that little girl was born in poverty. I care about whether that little girl gets an education."

Warren’s comments come as a collection of pro-life groups are calling on him to talk abortion.

Students for Life of America, Stand True, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and a collection of other pro-life groups for students and young adults issued a public letter Friday to that effect.

"We ask, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of youth we lead and represent, that you will not ignore the crucial issue of abortion as you face Senators Obama and McCain," they say in the letter presented to

"For many Americans, a candidate’s position on abortion will determine their vote. We have a right to know the truth about the candidates’ abortion positions, and you have a responsibility to share that truth," they say.

They say that, while Warren is very interested in the AIDS crisis, that "the Christian church must not pick and choose which orphans to help based upon the popularity of the cause."

"While 300,000 children die annually from AIDS, 40 million children have died in the past year alone due to abortion. But the worldwide church remains silent, for the most part," they conclude.


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