British Woman Has Seven Abortions, No Regret Despite Suicide Attempt

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 14, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

British Woman Has Seven Abortions, No Regret Despite Suicide Attempt

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 14
, 2008

London, England ( — A British woman who has had seven abortions described her experienced in a new interview that even the London Daily Mail newspaper found repulsive. Angela Simmons, a middle class woman, says she had each of the abortions because she was never involved in a committed relationship.

During the interview, Simmons recounts various relationships with men who, she says, never would commit to a relationship with her.

"Looking back, there was a definitive reason why I had each termination and a valid reason why I felt at the time I could not even have begun to contemplate continuing with each of the pregnancies," she told the newspaper.

"The reason why I had so many abortions is that I didn’t want to bring a child into the world unless my situation was perfect — but it never was," she claimed.

Yet two of the abortions came with a partner who said he wanted her to keep the baby, and the abortions eventually resulted in the demise of the relationship.

In an attempt to salvage the relationship, Simmons decided to keep one baby.

But, because of the toll the abortions likely took on her body, her son Ben was born eight weeks prematurely and with severe learning difficulties.

Simmons claims to have been on birth control or using contraception during each of the pregnancies, but it appears she’s resorted to using abortion as a method of birth control.

"I have always used contraception properly," she insisted. "Yet everything — condoms, the Pill, the coil and even charting my temperature to avoid having sex during my fertile time — has let me down."

After her third abortion, Angela tried to kill herself using a combination of alcohol and painkillers and spent a eight weeks in a mental hospital following the overdose.

Despite the near-death experience, Simmons insists she has no regrets.

"I do not really regret any of my abortions," she told the Daily Mail.

"With each termination I felt it was my responsibility to get on with my own life and forget about it. After each one I just blanked out the emotions and never thought about it. I felt no remorse at all," she said.

Simmons told the London newspaper that she went to the same abortion center for each of the seven abortions. Abortion facility staff never questioned her repeated abortions and never counseled her about other options.

"I do wish that someone in those clinics had really sat down with me and talked it through properly," she said.

Read the complete interview here.

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